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random life updates/thoughts [Nov. 4th, 2014|01:17 am]
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1. I FINALLY got my Cross Gen Fest fic in. Phew.

2. yuletide assignment has me just a little bit freaked. Not necessarily in a bad way, but in a kind of...I want to do well on this fic but I'm reeeaaallly afraid of screwing it up. (Funny story: a couple of days before the assignment went out, I read a letter and though "just watch, this is going to be my assignment." And then it was! And there were totally other things I could have matched to, I'm certain.)

3. School is KILLING me right now. This weeks is going to be hell :(

4. I've been watching Homeland. Conclusion: Homeland >>>> The Americans. (Although, the Carrie/Brody romance is kinda creepy. Every time Carrie goes goo-goo eyed over Brody I wanna shake and be like "WOMAN WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? WHY?")

5. I got this thought while watching last nights episode of OUAT: Rumple/Belle just creeps me out. I mean, I actually kind like the bad-boy/very-feminine-and-mild-mannered-girl-who-brings-out-the-best-in-hime romance trope. (I mean that's basically what Dolokhov/Sonya is.) But Rumbelle is just...so...IDK, Stockholm-y or something? Like, they had practically zero set up, it's completely illogical and incoherent how Belle could fall so deeply in love with Rumple in the circumstances they were in. And, like, all the things the mirror said to Belle about Rumple needing a submissive woman are basically true. Like...the single reason he likes her, it seems, is that she has completely blind faith in him. It's just...argh...IDK...frustrating.

6. Apparently, my brother has been curious about finding out about Shakespeare...as in reading/watching his plays. So my mom decided to take him to a Shakespeare play when we go to Moscow (Moscow theater season is when we get our "cultural" dosage). She decided to take him to Romeo and Juliet. I nearly died of laughter when I heard. I'm pretty sure a (mostly) pre-pubescent teenage boy will have his eyes rolling into the back of his head at the utter sappiness that is R&J. I'm hoping to snag a ticket to go with them. Primitive story aside - the literary value of Shakespeare is obvious.