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HYPOCRACY I TELL YOU - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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HYPOCRACY I TELL YOU [Oct. 6th, 2010|01:09 am]
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So I very randomly came across this post where a girl(?) was saying how it's not fair that slash fans can turn gay characters straight but there's all this stigma against turning straight characters gay. I AGREE. It's FANFIC for a reason people. Look, if we can say that Severus, who obviously loved Lily ALL HIS LIFE and is obviously straight can have an affair with Lucius, be in love with Harry, cuddle up and snog with Evan and Regulus or Harry who MARRIED Ginny and had THREE children with her and is pretty obviously straight as well can shag Draco and/or Ron.... Then why can't we write adorable Brian/Lindsay fic? (QaF referenced here, btw.) I mean, I can here the arguments already -- gay people can hide that they're gay, why would you hide being straight, etc etc... Well, ok, lets remember for one second that there is such a thing as being BISEXUAL. Mmmhmmm. Also, it's NOT homophobic! I write slash A LOT and I LOVE boy love and if I was homophobic I wouldn't be watching stuff like Queer as Folk in the FIRST PLACE. *sigh* I'm not saying everyone is like that but I can just feel the evil fandom glares. Honestly, though -- fanfiction is there not to be canon but to entertain our fantasies and plot bunnies.

This post is SO random and I really need to go to bed >_>