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HTGAWM fandom, I'm looking at you - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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HTGAWM fandom, I'm looking at you [Nov. 13th, 2014|11:34 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Anyone who takes pleasure in someone else's humiliation* for any reason really, but mostly/especially when that person hasn't done anything really atrocious, is a huge jerk, to put it civilly.

I'm disappointment in you, Tumblr.

Also, while Sam is obviously an asshole, I don't want to say she had it coming or anything, but I find it funny how people just like to ignore the fact that Annalise slept with another woman's husband. Like, that's how she ended up with Sam. (After that, I can't believe she'd be surprised that Sam cheated on her too. He's already cheated on his first wife with you, do you really think you're so special that the same won't happen to you? What I find more surprising is that he left his first (?) wife to begin with.) But on the other had..."karma" does come to mind. Because while Sam's bad behavior is on him, Annalise's is on her, and the fact that Sam was wrong too in his affair with her, doesn't make her any more innocent. It's not like she didn't know he was married.

*not talking about consensual sexual situations involving humiliation like BDSM, roleplay, D/s, etc here.