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lol, lookie at what I found in my brain - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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lol, lookie at what I found in my brain [Nov. 21st, 2014|02:49 am]
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So, imagine that Downton Abbey took place like...about a generation earlier than it does or something...so that Igor Kuragin and his friends could be the children of War and Peace characters rather than grandchildren.

So. One day, Theodore Dolokhov's son comes home and is like, "so dad, you know my cousin best friend, Igor Kuragin? Yea, he's gonna leave his wife and elope with this girl, Violet Crawley, Countess de Grantham. She's married, too by the way, but, you know, whatever. Not like they could be legally married anyway with him already married. I'm helping with the elopement, since I'm his best friend and everything."

And Theodore is like, "*facepalm* Where have I heard this before?"

And then Violet changes her mind last minute and tries to get word to them before they leave for the rendezvous but it doesn't come in time so they wait there for hours and only find out what happened after getting home. Igor is totally heartbroken and inconsolable and bb!Dolokhov spends the rest of the night trying to convince him that this is not in fact the end of the world.

When bb!Dolokhov comes home in the morning, Theodore is like, "So how did it go?" and his son is like, "awful! She changed her mind last minute and ditched us and Igor is devastated and it sucked."

And Theodore is just like, "Ha! Called it. These things always end that way. Oh those Kuragins - they never learn."

Hahahaha. *is ded*