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Yuletide Recs - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Yuletide Recs [Dec. 29th, 2014|06:54 am]
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Here are my Yuletide recs!

First and foremost, I recieved a lovely giftfic, Longest Nights, in the War and Peace fandom. It's Sonya-centric with a bit of Dolokhov/Sonya, which made me very happy because that is absolutely the het ship of my heart in this fandom. I love all the little details in this fic and the glimpses and looks at the people surrounding Sonya. Sonya herself was very in-character in how she cared about everyone, her family, friends, and even people who were more or less strangers to her. Of course Nikolai would be a monarchist and completely against the Decembrist movement and his interactions with Sonya were both heartbreaking and made me want to slap the little shit at the same time. Dolokhov! Gah. It's a different but still very IC perspective on him than I have. But I do love seeing him as a Decembrist - liberal revolutions suit him. There is also some lovely imagery in this fic: Sonya and Dolokhov in the hallway at night, when she mistakes him for Death at first; Sonya standing in the snow as the men ride off for Peterburg...

Brideshead Revisited
Hour of Need (1366 words) by Anonymous
Charles/Sebastian. This fic does a wonderful job conveying the fated and yet completely unnecessary tragedy of this canon. Charles' regret and grief over losing Sebastian, even many-many years down the road is poignant and utterly heartbreaking.

Captive Prince
Age of Consent (1050 words) by Anonymous
Damen/Laurent. Pre-canon AU where Damen goes traveling to neighboring kingdoms when he's still a teen and meets Laurent in Vere. Laurent, who's very eager to lose his virginity. The premise is amusing, especially in Laurent's execution as he chases Damen and Damen just kind of being shocked by the whole thing. The characterizations are well done and this AU-version of their relationship is sweet and makes for a fun read.

Chess (Anthropomorphic)
My End, My Other Self (100 words) by Anonymous
Centered on the Queen, this is one of those drabbles that really exemplifies what a drabble is all about. The writer manages to set up an entire world and some vivid characterizations in just 100 words.

Historical RPF
Farewell (261 words) by Anonymous
Catherine II of Russia/Stanisław August Poniatowski. This is a very sweet and romantic moment. The language and imagery in this piece are lovely.

How To Get Away With Murder
Mr Mini-Dick (130 words) by Anonymous
Connor and Asher have to go undercover to a gay bar for a case. It's just a little moment of banter and fun!

Problem (1808 words) by Anonymous
Kind of Wes/Connor? Not actually a ship fic but some R-rated stuff does happen when Wes finds Connor drunk at a bar. I love how the characterizations work out in this piece -- Connor falling apart and Wes being completely composed and pragmatic but also caring at the same time. Also the open ending is nice.

Ritual Madness (2511 words) by Anonymous
Michaela/Laurel! With brief appearances from others. I love the characterizations and the moments of banter. This fic is great at showing how these two can kind of dislike each other and yet be very attracted to each other at the same time. There is some great imagery in here as well - I especially love the imagine of Michaela in the light of the rising sun.

Don't Stop, Make It Pop (3837 words) by Anonymous
Connor/Asher. Undercover gay club adventure for a case. Which ends with them having sex. But it's not a PWP, it's a wonderfully fun piece with great characterization, amusing banter and spot-on Asher POV. Also, I just REALLY love this pairing, so there's that too.

Jeeves & Wooster
Domesticity (2092 words) by Anonymous
I admit to being a bit of a hard sell on this pairing not because it doesn't make sense, because it does, but because I have a hard time seeing Jeeves as someone...romantic. We don't really get a look at his emotions canonically and peeling away the conservative walls of professionalism takes some effort, so to speak. But this fic manages to really sell this ship without any OOCness. Bertie is, of course, adorable as always. Probably my favorite thing about this was the period slang. It really gave the fic a unique and canon-appropriate flavor.

Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812
Au grand jamais (1009 words) by Anonymous
As a note: this slides into War and Peace canon proper without a glitch as well. A sweet little fic about Sonya and Natasha mending their friendship after Natasha's suicide attempt. Natasha actually owns up to her lack of appreciation of people who care about her and the situation is resolved with hope.