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Yuletide Post-Reveals Post - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Yuletide Post-Reveals Post [Jan. 1st, 2015|02:33 pm]
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Here is my Yuletide post-reveals post!

(BUT before I say anything:shipswap noms are open! (So early this year!) Go nominate your fave pairings!)

I thought this was going to be a small year, but it turned out to be comparatively large. 6 fics across 4 fandoms. I wrote slash, het and gen. No femslash this year sadly. I didn't pinch hit this year, this being mainly due to the lack of familiarly with most of the fandoms and also massive time constraints. I did write 2 fics for my main recip. Also 3 full-length treats and 1 Madness ficlet. No first this year, I think, other than fandoms? (I mean, first time writing sex in a carriage, I guess? lol.) Oh, also no fics for 5-minute-fandoms this time around, interestingly enough.

Fandoms this year: War and Peace, Faking It, How To Get Away With Murder, The Dark Tower.

Title: Shared Cause
Fandom: Faking It
Characters Shane, Lauren
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,601
Summary: Shane and Lauren bond over ice cream and petty revenge. Sort of a missing scene for the S2 finale.

Comments: This was the first fic I wrote for my main assignment. I've never written in this fandom before and frenemies isn't really a dynamic I write either, so I was really worried about characterization and such things. In fact, my anxiety led me to write a second fic for the same fandom but a different aspect of the Optional Details. The show is a low-key comedy with elements of soapiness so, again this was an interesting experience. I tried for something lighthearted and more in-tone with the show, rather than how I usually write. It's still not my favorite fic ever, but it seems to have been well received, so yay!

Title: Made Vulnerable
Fandom: Faking It
Characters: Shane, Lauren
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,075
Summary: Shane catches Lauren in a vulnerable moment.

Comments: This is the second fic I wrote for my recipient. It's more in my style so I felt a little more comfortable with it. It might also be that having already written a fic with these two - who ARE delightful, btw - I was, ah, warmed up, I guess you could say.

Title: Win or Die
Fandom: War and Peace
Characters: Helene-centric. Anatole gets some screen time. Others in cameos.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4,358
Summary: In the end, [she] distilled everything to one wonderfully simple principle: win or die.

Comments: Oh gosh. I couldn't NOT write this! Especially since it's for evelyn_b who is awesome :) I love this fandom and I love exploring the Kuragins so this was incredibly fun to write! At first, I did have to think about not overlapping materal with Speak No of Love, because I konw Evelyn had at least started reading it, but this wasn't too hard in the end as this fic is mostly gen and SNoL is romance. All I had to do was take a different perspective on Helene's affair with Dolokhov. The only thing: I kinda hate the name I have in here for Helene's governess; I was going to chance it but didn't get a chance before stories went live. Said, governess is also based on Helene's governess from a Russian W&P/HP crossover fic, which I can't/won't link to because it's on a locked journal, if I remember correctly. Also, I couldn't help but allude to Helene's (canonical) death at the end there (as well as Anatole's)/ There just didn't seem to be any other appropriate way to end.

Title: The Benefit of Imprudence
Fandom: War and Peace
Pairing: Dolokhov/Helene, Pierre/Helene (background)
Rating: R
Word Count: 2,895
Summary: Helene had not planned on taking a lover three months into her marriage. It's all Pierre's own fault, really.

Comments: I'm afraid I wasn't able to give the recipient of this treat quite what they wanted. They wanted, basically, Dolokhov and Helene's Sex Adventures and...that's not something I feel I'm capable of. But I do like how this turned out - the build up and the resolution to the sexual tension. Aside from Speak Not of Love, I think this is probably my favorite Dolokhov/Helene fic I've written.

Title: Ends That Start At Middles
Fandom: How To Get Away With Murder
Pairing: Connor/Asher
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,032
Summary: Things have changed since 1L.

Comments: I'd wanted to write in this fandom for a while, but most of my ideas have been really long casefic which would have taken a significant amount of planning, outlining and just time in general. So this was again my first time writing for this fandom and characterization was a worry, but I think it came out ok. It's my most popular fic this Yuletide, although I'm not surprised given the (comparative) size of the fandom. I'm also just really glad to have gotten a chance to write this pairing! My first ship is Connor/Wes, but Connor/Asher are a close second. The title is weird, I know. I couldn't come up with anything decent. Sometimes, titles just suck.

Title: If I Have Thee
Fandom: The Dark Tower
Pairing: Cuthbert/Alain
Rating: PG
Word Count: 480
Summary: The only stable point in Cuthbert's life right now is Alain.

Comments: I'm excited to have gotten a chance to write for this fandom! I loved the Dark Tower, but especially Wizard and Glass and Roland's old ka-tet. My OTP is Roland/Bert but I love Alain too so shipping him with Bert was not hard at all. I've found that with smaller pieces they tend to come out either meh or quite well and I think this one came out on the good side. The recip seemed to like it too, at least she left a very nice comment :)

Thank you to all the Yuletiders for another wonderful year!