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Update :) [Jan. 25th, 2015|04:05 pm]
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The touchpad on my computer isn’t working. Re-installing drivers didn’t help at all and we’re coming to a conclusion that it’s a hardware thing. *sigh* I’m attached to this computer and there are things I love about it, but I’ve been having too many hardware issues with it. My older computers could go at least 2.5 years without having issues. This one started acting up when it was barely a year old. Good thing it’s a touch screen at least. I’m also using a USB mouse to have full functionality (especially since some programs like photoshop don’t react to the touchscreen for some reason). It’s not awful but it is very annoying.

I’ve started by externship. Looks like I’ve gotten the ok from the HR people to stay as a clerk in the summer too. The process was all very “just e-mail these people” and didn’t feel official enough. That makes me nervous. I know that’s still, but I never feel comfortable when things are easy and also don’t feel official enough. Paranoia, sorry. Now I just have to make sure the school puts through my registration by Tuesday (add/drop deadline) so I can get my unit of credit and drop one of my classes. Argh It’s not over till it’s over…

Reign came back last week! This week we’ve got Suits, The Americans and HTGAWM coming back! But then I have to wait until March for OUaT. But yay! Things are coming back!

All caught up on Turn! It’s a great show, actually. I think it’s supposed to come back April-ish? Can’t wait because Benjamin <3 It’s all about Revolutionary war spies (well, one spy proper, but anyway).

Also, almost caught up on Homeland. Which is also awesome, although I still hold that Season 1 was the best. Also, pretty happy that Bordy is gone. I don’t know, I just never liked him. It’s not even an “eww terrorist” thing (although that didn’t help), I just…he never grew on me at all. I also never understood Carrie's obsession for him/why she was so in love with him. So, yea, I’m glad he’s gone. On the other hand – QUINN! Quinn, who is suddenly just losing it. Poor baby. I definitely ship Carrie and him. CIA POWER COUPLE. But honestly less romance, more spy/military thriller = happier I am :)

shipswap (an exchange for rare pairings) has opened sign ups! Go sign up! (Lots of HP ships have been nomed.)

I feel like I’m seeing that shrink in HP fandom lately, the one everyone has been talking about. Over the past couple of years especially. Fests have gone off air and fewer ones have sprung up to replace them. People aren’t signing up for exchanges/fests as much as they used to. I don’t know, maybe the power-OTPs (like H/D, Snarry, etc) sections of fandom are doing better – they seem to be, looking from the outside (H/D at least) – but fandom has quieted a fair bit from how it was when I first got active in it. I mean, it’s a natural process, really. The canon is virtually closed, lots of people who have been in for years have burned out but newer people aren’t coming in at the same rate (as usually is the case with closed serial canons). Fandom has already explored tons and tons of different things (collective burnout). But witnessing the process is still a little strange. (SW was only starting its die-down when I fell out of the fandom.)