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The Americans notes [Jan. 29th, 2015|01:50 am]
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(Bloody hell. My computer has been doing some weird shit lately. Also, I managed to get stuck in an elevator today. *sigh* Crazy ass day today.)

More to the point of this post. Suits and The Americans are back :D I don't have too much to say on about Suits atm, but I do have some notes for The Americans.

Sorry to see Nina go, but on the other hand kind of not really? I liked her with Oleg and at first with Stan (although she was horrid for him in the long run), but this makes more sense. Although, gah, as usual in this situation I would have prefered a straight up character death.

This brings me to Oleg. (Poor baby.) Actually, Oleg's dad, who apparently thinks that "political ties should not be used for person matters" (jic, I don't know/remember how the English subs translated it, I'm translating straight from the Russian). Which LOL. That's a very un-Russian sentiment. My guess is, Oleg's father just doesn't want to be seen by HIS political "ties" as fratranizing with traitors.

The whole thing with Paige still pisses me off. Now, I think the show is more level-headed than the fandom, in the sense that, while I don't trust them per se, I think they could allow the whole Paige thing to blow up in Elizabeth's face. In fact, in that sense, it could be very interesting if handed well. But the wrong thing to do here would be to forget what Paige has grown up knowing, which country she considers hers. Of course, not actually living in the Soviet reality makes Elizabeth's job easier - she can make it out to be all rosy and Paige would have no idea that it's actually pretty fucking shitty (in it's own way, anyway). On the other hand, though, just because Paige is into "liberal" idea, even if they're socialist-inclined ones, that doesn't overrule loyalty to one's country. You try to change things in your country that you think are bad because you love it, not necessarily because you don't. In fact, if you don't love it, you're more likely to try to leave (ie: immigrate) than change it. Given that Paige can't immigrate at 14, but everything that Elizabeth has talked about Paige doing has been pretty mild. Paige isn't a freaking socialist, she's a humanitarian.The thing is, I'm not buying the idea that Paige is ripe to be made a traitor. (Because that's what she would be. Elizabeth is a foreign national and a spy. Paige would be a traitor, let's be very clear on this.)

"Now be a good American wife and do the dishes." LOLOLOL. Truth being? Russian wives did the dishes just as much. And, no, none of this "we both work, we both have household chores." You're the woman? You're doing the housework. Still is that way for way more Rssians than Americans.

It's interesting that they don't sub the part where Elizabeth is listening to the tape of her mother talking about finding out she has cancer.