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Fic Recs: Sherlock BBC - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Fic Recs: Sherlock BBC [Feb. 7th, 2015|03:17 pm]
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February recs! This month I'm doing Sherlock :)

Fics in these recs are Gen, Slash and Het. Ratings vary. Please always check fic headers and tags for warnings. Etc.

Ducks All in a Row by kirstenlouise (Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft Holmes)
This is an adorable little fic about Sherlock and Mycroft as kids. Sherlock's adoration and Mycroft's indulgence are both sweet and every in character. It's one of those sweet brothers fics that are warm and fussy and put a smile on your face.

Alone in the Water by madlorific (John Watson/Sherlock Holmes)
This is THAT deathfic. I'm pretty it's well known in fandom and it's been around for a while so... But in case you haven't read it and don't mind character death overmuch, you should certainly read it. Just remember to bring tissues. This is a wonderfully characterized Sherlock-has-terminal cancer AU. It deals not so much with the physical aspects - although they're the backdrop - but with the emotional fall out for both Sherlock and John. Their voices are spot on and the hurt/comfort in the end is heartbreaking and sweet at the same time. Includes wonderful cameos from other members of the Sherlock cast.

An Interesting Puzzle by awanderingbard (Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson)
Mycroft has escaped after being abducted but has been hurt in the process. He ends up and 221B. That's the premise. What follows is highly enjoyable. Poor John, who is trying to patch Mycroft up, has the endure the Holmes brothers' constant bickering and banter. Said banter and funny and highly amusing. One of the things that is especially important - and VERY HARD to do, if you ask me - in Sherlock fic is getting the voices right for Sherlock and Mycroft and this fic does that. I love how these two take comfort in a stressful situation by being mildly rude to each other at every turn in the sort of way they always are. Sherlock's more...mainstream attempts at comfort are awkward but endearing.

One Bullet by marysutherland (Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock Holmes)
This fic is a lovely depiction of Sherlock's reaction to Mycroft getting hurt. Of how awkward he is in these situations, but also focused, and also obviously concerned for his brother. This is one of those fics that dips just under the surface of the Holmes boys relationship and dig up the obvious affection under all the posturing.

Leap by CherryBlossomTide (John Watson, Harry Watson)
The relationship between John and Harry here is wonderfully drawn with a scene from their childhood and a second one from after John has been invalided from the army. We've never seen Harry in canon and don't know what her relationship with John is like and this fic is an interesting and thoughtful portrayal of what it might be like. Some lovely imagery in there too.

Even the Most Rambling Paths Lead to Rome by meatball42 (John Watson/Molly Hooper)
I really love Molly and I love seeing her happy and with someone who will understand her. This fic does a great job of showing what I love about John/Molly as a ship and why they fit together so well. The post-TRF development of their relationship feels very natural and is painted in vivid color.

Full English by kay_cricketed (John Watson-centric)
Post-TRF fic that explored John's grief over losing Sherlock through food. The symbolism is delicate and very interestingly done. The fic is touching and the description of all the food will definitely make you hungry!