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random update [Mar. 2nd, 2015|02:54 am]
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So, what have I been doing other than shamelessly skipping class?

So much more socializing in the last two weeks than usual! Party last Thursday, meet up with uni friends this Thursday and then party on Friday. Family lunch with my aunt and her boyfriend today. (Side note: got into a political conversation/low-key argument with some people at the Friday party. Putinists drive me up a wall, I swear.) But. I've spent WAY too much money on cabs this past week. An absolutely unacceptable amount. The only reason I can live with myself is because it was my birthday week, so I figured I was allowed to splurge a bit.

Once Upon a Time is back! The episode was great. I really love the new villains, although it is a little hard to reconcile the young Maleficent we get now with the old one we had earlier on the show. (I'm pretty show the change had lots to do with the new Maleficent movie.) The way Emma and Regina have been lately, I can definitely see how someone could ship SwanQueen now. Before, not so much. On the other hand I have NO idea how Rumbelle is so popular. How do people find this obviously abusive relationship romantic?

I've started watching Spartacus. Made it trough a season and a half so far. I mostly started watching for the canon slash I saw going around. Haven't gotten to them yet. (Although Barca/Pietros were adorable and I'm so sad that they're both dead :( ) The show is actually pretty good, although I almost dropped it after the first couple of episodes because, holly shit the violence is excessive and disturbingly graphic. I end up looking away a lot and fast forwarding through many of the fight scenes.

Also, started watching The Night Shift. I randomly saw an episode of it on tv while having dinner. Usually, I would watch some SVU re-run or the news while I cook/eat/do the dishes, but those weren't on. So I was like, ok a show about doctors, why not. I liked it and apparently there's a canon M/M couple? So I looked S1 up online and gave it a shot from the start. It's pretty good. Not amazing/I'm not addicted to it, but I'll probably keep with it. (I could also use a Monday show, although the seasons are so short, S2 will probably end by the time I'm all caught up.)