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The Computer Drama [Mar. 21st, 2015|11:26 pm]

So. My dearly beloved old laptop is dead. Well, not quite dead, but it has become sort of unusable.

The drama with this laptop started back last April-May when I had to replace the fan because it was suddenly very load. Actually, I’m still not sure what had happened to it, or even if half of it was in my head, but anyway. Than, later that summer, the case started to come apart at one corner. My dad glued it together, but then it came apart again in late fall. He re-glued it, and it had been fine since then but still, no one knows for how long that would last. Then, not very long ago my mouse pad died. And then this past Wednesday my keyboard stopped working. Some of the keys (mainly system keys) were still working so dad tried to see if it was a software issue or virus. Didn’t look like it. He even took the keyboard off to see if anything was obviously broken. No dice, but he still concluded that it’s a hardware issue. Which, with the laptop, isn’t surprising sadly.

I have a new laptop now. I wasn’t going to get a new one until I graduated law school, so not for another year and a half or so. Especially since, hardware issues aside, I really did love that laptop. But well. The new laptop isn’t bad at all. I’m doing fine with the keyboard, even though it usually takes me some time to get used to a new one. It doesn’t have a backlight though, which sort of sucks but I’ll live. The touchscreen is a texture I like slightly less, I’ll get used to that too. The battery life looks great though! Much longer than on the old laptop. It’s a fairly quiet laptop, at least doesn’t seem much louder than the old one. I think I’m a little sensitive to it because it’s new so I’m kind of listening for the noise, picking up on how the new machine is working more acutely. This will probably go away soon. (Even if it is a little louder, I'll get used to it, I'm sure. My old-old laptop was a TON louder and I was used to it back when I had it.)

I still have to get some programs onto this laptop. Mostly a couple of things dad needs to install, the school’s testing software, and most importantly (:)) my Adobe Creative Suit. That last will have to wait until I’m back at school because my installation CDs are there. Hopefully, everything will go over smoothly.

I’m sure this laptop and I will become friends soon, especially once I have everything on here. It’s just that switching laptops is sort of like moving. And I, personally, always HATED moving. This whole laptop drama has kind of messed with my Spring break. *sigh* Oh well. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly from here.

Gah, sorry I feel like my last posts have been kinda downers. I promise to post more fandom-y/happier things in the next few posts.