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PSA + Penny Dreadful [Mar. 29th, 2015|03:18 am]
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YOU GUYS! There are still a few days left to nominate fandoms for ficmountain! GO NOMINATE YOUR FAVE TINY FANDOMS!

For those not in the know, this is basically an exchange like Yuletide, focused on small fandoms. (I believe it’s like 500 or less works on AO3 which are complete, in English and over 1k words.) Obviously, I’ve nominated War and Peace. Also Catherine (2014), The Imitation Game and Captive Prince. I still have one more slot left for one more fandom. Initially, I thought of gong with something like Barber of Siberia or adding a character to the The Americans tags (Stan, specifically). But I actually think I might add Victor to the Penny Dreadful tag.

This brings me to the other part of this post: I’ve started watching Penny Dreadful. I’m 4 eps in as of this post. I was really skeptical about it for a while; it definitely did not look like my sort of thing. (After all, the closest show I could think of that I’d tried to this was Sleepy Hollow and I’ve been kinda meh about it…may or may not pick it up again. And that’s despite decent writing and good acting.) But wow, this show, after a so-so first episode really got going. The violence is a bit graphic, but after Spartacus I’m not terribly fussed on this front. The supernatural stuff is pretty fascinating, and I think the 19th century setting does help it feel more…appropriate, I guess, rather than somewhat jarring like in Sleepy Hollow.

ALSO OMG VICTOR, ETHAN, DORIAN! <3 All three are so wonderful in their own way. Ethan is totally that guy stuck between honorable-noble and gruff-tough guy. In the end he’s neither just quite. Also, kind of interesting to have an American plopped into the middle of a British crowd. Not something you see often in shows. Dorian is wonderfully Dorian. In all of his sensual, kinda-girly, enticingly and decadently charming mannerisms. Seductive little son of a bitch. And of course Victor! He is sooo messed up. But I love how, even though he’s messed up and pretends to be completely methodical and cold-blooded in this science-is-my-life sort of way, he’s also very sensitive despite himself. Or maybe not despite – he doesn’t hide his love for poetry and cries rather openly at things he considers to be touching/awe-inspiring. Victor is totally my bae <3 (I totally ship these three in all sorts of combinations/permutations!) …It actually has now occurred to me that Dorian, despite all his sensuality and talk and artsy-ness, is probably the most heartless (or capable of being heartless) out of these three. Regardless of what Ethan and Victor might want to seem like.

Vanessa and Malcolm are interesting characters too and they’re very well matched as a team. And aww, poor Brona. She’s really heartbreaking in her own way.

Anyway! I’m off to bed. Go forth and nominate stuff for ficmountain!