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What do you want to see in femslash? - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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What do you want to see in femslash? [Apr. 1st, 2015|06:18 pm]
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Hey guys :) So, I know a lot of you enjoy femslash so I thought I'd ask you all for a bit of a favor.

Please tell me:
1) Your favorite femslash tropes/cliches. Basically things you enjoy seeing especially in your femslash fics. Preferably, I'm looking for story/character/relationship tropes/elements, not so much kinks (because I don't write a lot of sex, so these wouldn't be as helpful for my writing purposes). But feel free to list kinks as well if you feel so compelled :) Also, these don't actually have to be cliche or trope-y. More just like elements, I guess.
2) What sort of things do you wish there was more of in femslash. That is, is there anything that you see a lot of in het and slash that you like but for whatever reason don't see a lot of in femslash (but wish you did). If this is the same as #1 that's fine. I've just separated them out because often people like things that are already popular tropes. I'm actually really interested in this one, because I hear a lot how the femslash audience feels under-served in content as well as quantity, but these people don't always specify what it is they find lacking.

If you have femslash loving friends (from any fandom) who are not on my flist feel free to point them this way if you like :) Thanks, guys <3

[User Picture]From: nearlyconscious
2015-04-02 07:09 am (UTC)

What a great, great idea. Ok, here goes.

Overall likes; snark, banter, humour, sarcasm, dirty talk (preferably imaginative and not just like throwing around degrading slurs, although if well-done I like that too). Friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, overcoming prejudice about a "type of girl" (this includes about yourself and the expectations weighting on you). Archetypes of gender expression and androgyny (basically I like everything). Characterisation through clothing/fashion. One character being super awkward with the codes of this or that archetype.
"Practicing kissing" and liking it a lot, eventually coming to the realisation you like your best girlfriend more than any boys.
Hurt/comfort and post-trauma, mourning (the war must have shaken people badly -- for this I'm thinking of Gabrielle/Ginny for instance).
Crossgen (esp with consensual, healthy D/s).
Schoolgirl kink (with people being of age, or the same age and around 16-17).
A lesbian and a bisexual falling for each other and angst around it (without any biphobia or with biphobia being addressed as biphobia).
I think I'd like to read more slow, progressive coming to terms with one's sexuality ("well i just think she looks good" *makes erotic dream* "oh that's odd" *continues to be in denial* *stuff happens* "holy molly does this mean i'm a GASP lesbian"), and contrasts in how people deal with their attraction to women (misogynistic lesbians, lesbians who've always known, pansexual women who thought everybody was pansexual when they were younger, bisexual women who had no clue until their twenties or later that they liked women, bisexual women who liked women first then figured out they liked men too (same for pan).
How Pureblood etiquette and femslash clashes (or not?).
Very very passionate sex.
Tenderness, domestic bliss with a touch of kink.
Office affair (boss/secretary) and all the clichés around it -- heels, stocking, pencil skirts, buns, etc.
Everything hair fetish (braiding/brushing each other's hair -- at a pajama party maybe, or as an evening routine, hair-pulling, hair bondage).
Outdoors sex, pool sex.
Bragging about one's conquests to your friend but she's not impressed because she wants you and/or sees right through you.
Knowing each other by heart or not understanding each other at all.
Description of feelings, strong emotions that can come with infatuation (feeling dizzy, irritated, distracted, dreamy, angry, anxious -- flushing, beaming, brooding, being socially awkward, hiding your fears with arrogance).
Love triangle (with three women, although two women+ other could be interesting too).
Assertive women, bossy women, unapologetic women, women that get called vulgar and don't give a damn, body positivity, a variety of body shapes, somen loving each other's figures, building up each other's confidence, sisterhood.
Shyness, showing love through submissiveness (within a relationship where it's safe to do so, understood and appreciated), blushing like a tomato, having trouble to speak/express one's feeling. Partners being patient with each other and giving the necessary space and/or gentle push for the words to come out.
Polyamory that works well. Healthy open relationship where partners communicate, work on possible jealousy, reassure each other, care a lot.
Breaking my heart with mind games, denial of one's feelings, opportunities lost, passion that fades away and there is nothing left (at least for one of the two), infidelity, angst angst angst, epic fic with character death or unhappy ending.

Erm. Ok. Maybe I should stop here. I'm not even nearly done :'''')

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[User Picture]From: alley_skywalker
2015-04-02 07:33 am (UTC)
Lol! I was hoping you'd comment here but OMG you, my dear, are easy to please :) I mean, IDK, maybe because I find a lot of these fun/attractive too, but that's potentially thousands and thousands of words worth of ideas <3

OK, a tiiiiny bit of topics but:
A lesbian and a bisexual falling for each other and angst around it (without any biphobia or with biphobia being addressed as biphobia)
I once RPed the slash version of this. It was one of the most adorable/romantic ships I'd ever written. Also one of the most heartbreaking storylines.
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[User Picture]From: nearlyconscious
2015-04-02 07:44 am (UTC)
I really am easy to please. And I didn't even really develop my kinks. But like, my kink list would be the same size, at least :D

Eeeep! This has so much potential, doesn't it! I love this trope for Daphne/Pansy, always imagined Daphne to be a lesbian and Pansy to be bi and kind of struggling because her family pressures her to marry.
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[User Picture]From: vaysh
2015-04-02 12:04 pm (UTC)
I know it's old school but I'd love to read about a classic butch-femme couple. :)
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[User Picture]From: josephinestone
2015-10-02 04:27 am (UTC)
Sorry, but I just ran into this!

1) I'm really a fluff person in general. So I just really like happy fluffy romances between girls. With girls I really love friends turned lovers. And for the most part I do like the same popular tropes in femslash as I do in het and slash (although, for some reason I really like enemies to lovers with slash, but not as much with femslash; but that might have more to do with the characters in Harry Potter than anything else. I'd love it in original fiction, I think. I just haven't run into it.) I love forced proximity, mistletoe around Christmas and secret Santa (I think I really just love Christmas stories.) I like Auror stories, but I think I'm more coffee shop romance with femslash where I love Auror stories with slash (well, with Harry/Draco - I wouldn't with my other slash ships like James/Sirius or Albus/Scorpius unless the Auror was Harry).

So really, I guess this depends on the actual characters themselves more than anything.

2) Now this one: plot!

I think with this people can tell what is missing, but just don't know what it is. A lot of times the stories don't grab me because they are just so short (I am just as guilty of this in my own writing).

But sometimes there IS a great plot, but you just can't feel the characters. Or you just don't like that particular plot. I think this is just really a matter of when there is more of something, you're more likely to find what you are looking for. The stories I love (as oppose to just like) in the Harry/Draco fandom are few and far between. There are certain writers that can hit it most of the time, but to put into words what they are doing is difficult. It's a major pairing so there are literally hundreds of stories that are basically the same, but there is only one or two that is "the" one of that trope. And even of those writers it will be one or two of their stories that will really be the stories I'll keep going back to.

These stories tend to be the ones that you feel the pain, yet they make you laugh, and then cry from both the pain and the happiness in them.

So it is just hard for anyone to say - this is what I want.

I read a lot about the Dramatica Theory (it's a story structure) which taught me a lot about writing a good solid story, but I've never really found a good instruction (except for the "just don't be passive") on how to invoke feelings in writing. And I think that is it; that's what is lacking in femslash (lesbian fiction in general) and it's a really hard thing to describe.

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