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blast from the past [Apr. 3rd, 2015|04:07 pm]
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I've been out of Star Wars fandom for a while, but I still have strong feelings about Anakin (and Obi-Wan and the SW, especially the prequels, in general). Little 14-15 year old me fought desperately to argue Anakin's case against people often twice her age. I didn't have nearly as much vocabulary and world-knowledge and understanding of social justice issues and psychology, etc, as I do know. And, not to brag, but I think I still stood my ground fairly well. I think...I think I'm a little less categorical on some things now than I was then, although, overall, my opinions of the characters haven't changed much. But I am willing to give, say Obi-Wan, a little more leeway. Often, I think he just didn't know any better.

But anyway. Sometimes, I come across amazing Anakin-focused meta posts like this one and wonder where these people were back then. And also realize that I had part of that analysis figured out even then, but didn't quite have the experience and knowledge to put it all together in such a coherent way.

It also reminds me of why I love(d) (and empathized with and was fascinated by) Anakin so much and why, despite constant attacks on the prequels by "true hardcore fans," Eps I-III meant so much to me.

[User Picture]From: digthewriter
2015-04-04 03:18 am (UTC)
Revenge of the Sith is one of my favourite movies of all times.
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