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update: mics, but mostly fandom-y - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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update: mics, but mostly fandom-y [Apr. 12th, 2015|04:48 pm]
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PSA stuff first real quick:
There are still a couple of days left to sign up for ficmountain! Someone nominated a bunch of minor War and Peace characters who I would love to write for but so far the only request/offer for that fandom is mine. So…IDK. Otherwise totally excited about all this!
There are also a couple of days left to nominate fandoms for Not Prime Time (npt_admin), which is an exchange for medium sized fandom. (A lot of the eligible fandoms are actually Yuletide-eligible as well, though. OUaT has sadly crossed into megafandom territory this year. God, I still remember when Sherlock was eligible for this.)

I went to a Game of Thrones pre-screening on Monday with some friends! They were showing the first episode of this season at our uni. SO MANY PEOPLE. Lol. We spent almost four hours in line and it was cold, but so worth it in the end <3 I love going to premieres. The atmosphere is awesome. I will definitely re-watch the ep after it airs tonight, though. (We sat kind of far away so I feel like I missed some details and things.) There were lots of lovely moments in the ep – JAIME, bb!Cersei, Tyrion as always… But-but, unless I missed, it – will have to check again tonight – they[kinda-spoiler]didn’t include the whole thing about Cersei’s valonqar?I mean, given the massive debates about this in fandom and her obsession over it in canon wouldn’t this be kind of important? And it’s not like it requires an entire extra scene or whatever, just a line or two. Maybe I just missed it with the excitement of the first scene making everyone around me restless and a tad chatty…
Also, speaking of this GoT season: I have heard that[potentially a spoiler]Arianne is going to be cut. So is Quentyn. I'm actually more surprised about Arianne than Quentyn. But I'm more upset about Quentyn. Arianne is cool and all but Quent was my bae and I had wanted desperately to see him in S5. Was really looking forward to it until I thought about it and realized: his storyline doesn't actually move the plot along in a way that would be deemed important enough to leave in by a show that is liberal about cutting characters and storylines. I mean, if they're even cutting Arianne...I get why it happened, but I'm still sad.

Have no idea how I’m going to get a anything like a decent draft out for OUaT BigBang by the 20th. Any other months, maybe. But we’re heading into finals so I’m super busy.
Also, kind of relatedly, I’ve been trying to cut down on the number of fests/exchanges I participate in. Not because I don’t want to, but because I feel like I need to get out of that cycle of constantly putting out stuff to a deadline. There are still things I will definitely be doing, but I’m just trying to resist signing up for ALL THE THINGS. I’ve also got quite a few non-fest-related ideas lined up on the back burner that I would like to write and if I’m constantly writing for fests, that’s not gonna happen.
That being said, the Het Big Bang is coming back and I might attempt that this summer. It really depends on if I come up with a fitting het-centric storyline. I already wrote my two main ones for HP and I don’t feel comfortable enough with my W&P ideas to sign up with those. (In the sense that I’m so attached to them I want them to be really good when I do write them and I don’t’ think at this point that would be possible.) I thought of using this as a chance to write the sequel/part II/follow up to Speak Not of Love but…usually they ask for stand-alones and I don’t think I could make this a coherent stand-alone.