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Game of Thrones S5 Eps 1-2 (SPOILERS) - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Game of Thrones S5 Eps 1-2 (SPOILERS) [Apr. 19th, 2015|02:13 am]
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SO! Game of Thrones is officially BACK! Somewhat less officially, the first 4 eps have been leaked. (You don't even need a torrent to get them, if you just want to stream.) Usually, I would have already devoured them all by now, but with finals in just a couple of weeks I've been too busy. (Haven't even gotten around to watching the S2 premiere of Turn yet, which aired this passed Monday, and I've been looking forward to it.) But, I have watched eps 1 and 2 :D

Other people, whith better memories than me, put together a list of show v books changes in Ep 1. (There are even more in Ep2, from what I could tell/remember.)

My comments (SPOILERS AHEAD):

-bb!Cersei! And that friend of hers, whose name starts with an M. (Who it is implied she later killed...I almost kinda ship them...) Oh, God, bb!Cersei is soooo Cersei, it's glorious.
-They DIDN'T include Cersei's Valonqar as part of the prophecy. Which...why?? It seems like such a huge part of Cersei's obsession in the books...
-JAIME <3333 ...Just...my baby...I'm so happy every time I see him <3
-Hm. So I was partially right that Cersei would find out that Jaime set Tyrion free. Although, I didn't imagine it happening like this: with her basically guessing and confronting him and Jaime just letting silence speak for him. (What I'm still puzzled by, though, is how they will achieve the break with Cersei and Jaime with him pulling away from her, while she still wants him to be with her/protect her. Right now, it feels more like SHE is pulling away from him and HE is still trying to make things right between them in some way.)
-Oh Tyrion <3 He's impossible not to like.
-I saw a comment somewhere on the internet about how "a man who just wants to cuddle - most unrealistic thing on this show" re: the scene of the unsullied in the brothel. Lol and yes.
-Is that...Satin Jon was training with in the start of that scene? Still love that ship.
-Poor Robert (Arryn). What has Lysa done to her son :(
-Well, Margaery has Tommen properly wrapped around her finger. I can't decide if I like her or not.
-Oh Lancel. And Cersei: "I doubt you have ever led anyone anywhere." lol.
-Loras and Olyvar <3 So adorable. I wish we could get more of them somehow.
-"You're very respectful." "I'm very hungry." LOL these two <3
-Well, Hizdahr is one attractive son of a bitch.
-Argh. Daenerys continues to annoy me to no end. Fandom adores her and I know she has good intentions, re: ending slavery, etc. But it's like...she's SO ANNOYING AND ENTITLED. She could die and I wouldn't care. She's not even the only person who acts entitled on this show but she is the most annoying about it. With Cersei coming in close second. I just cringe every time she says "I'm a queen" or "I'm the rightful ruler" or some other bullshit like that. She's even more annoying than in the books. (At least in the books, from inside her own head, you can kinda tell that she is struggling with a lot of things here and she really DOES want to be fair and to make the world a better place, and that's a sympathetic goal.) I know she's also quite young, but just...ARGH GET OVER YOURSELF. At least Cersei understands that politics is like a thing, she's just not very smart about it a lot of times. Daenerys is just like "whatever." And, of course, it tends to bite her in the ass at least half the time. (Although, not nearly hard enough. I'm starting to feel like GRRM IS protecting her at least a bit.) People keep talking, in their predictions, about Westeros becoming a Republic or there being some kind of ruling council, and usually they imagine Daenerys as being part of the winning party/coalition. And I'm like...can you seriously imagine her seceding power to anyone else, in any amount? Because I honestly can't at this point.
-So glad Jon shot Mance in that scene. (Did they seriously off the REAL Mance?) I can't stand death-by-burning scenes. I always have to turn off the volume and sorta look away. *shudders*

-Enter Arya. I do feel terribly bad for her. She's lost everything. But I've never been able to love her the way fandom does. (OMG don't get me started on fandom's treatment of Arya vs. Sansa.)
-OMG what is going on. Brienne finds Sansa and Sansa refuses to go with her. And...this is SO different from the books, IDEK. (So...no Brienne coming to lure Jaime into a possible trap on the show then, I guess? Especially given that there seems to be no Lady Stoneheart?)
-So much Jaime this episode <3 But Jaime's going to Dorne, to basically, what, steal Myrcella back? With Bronn who, as we know, isn't exactly the most loyal person. THIS TERRIFIES ME. JAIME DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE GET YOURSELF KILLED!
-Trystane and Myrcella are so cute.
-I wonder...is Ellaria going to "sub in" for Arianne, since, it seems, Arianne won't be a character on the show. (As, I said before, too bad. She's pretty cool. In an Asha sort of way.)
-OH SAM WAS AWESOME at the Lord Commander choosing <3

OMG, also completely unrelated to S5. I just found out, accidentally, that the guy who plays Styr (Magnar of the Thenn) in S4 is Yuri Kolokolnikov who plays my bae Grushnitski in A Hero of Our Time. OMG WHAT. But no wonder I had no idea.
Styr looks like this:

I'm used to this: