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AO3 Popularity Formula for Fics

I'm done with exams (yay!) which means I have ~2 weeks of "vacation" before I have to start work.

There is lots of stuff to do (like...posting May recs...) but I suddenly had this idea of wanting to figure out which of my fics on AO3 are the most popular. I know, that sounds kind of narcissistic, but I'm curious, and I like stats, and doing this on myself is less creepy than compiling information about some random person who doesn't even know I'm doing it, lol (+ you don't get the advantage of someone else's stats page, which is important because "comment threads" vs. just comments and AO3 has trouble with counting when you ask to sort it on a regular filters page, while the stats page tends to be accurate.)

Anyway. my thoughts were such on the matter:
There are ~4 parameters you could use to measure popularity: hits, kudos, comment (threads) and bookmarks. Hits are a largely inflated number, also their value is questionable, because it really only tells you which story seems to be catching the most attention (given, that some of those hits could be coming from recs, of course). Comments are a lot rarer on AO3, especially because there is a quick-and-easy kudos option for people who don't have much to say. So, I'd say comments, like bookmarks, are probably more valuable (than kudos), because they show a ~greater love for a certain story/investment in it. (There are also subscriptions, which I haven't thought about yet.)

So far, I have something like this:
Kudos + (comment threads x 2) + (bookmarks x 2) + (hits/100) = popularity score
Also, I've been rounding the hits number after division to the whole number, always rounding down (maybe I should just round to the greatest whole?).

This seems sensible to me, but IDK. Would it make more sense to not value comments/bookmarks at twice the value of kudos? Should the hit count be left out completely? (I've noticed that leaving in hits CAN make a difference by 1-2 places in a ranking, and that's at the higher end. It gets wankier the lower down the rankings you go.)
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