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May Recs - Once Upon a Time - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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May Recs - Once Upon a Time [May. 16th, 2015|09:43 pm]
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May recs are for OUAT. Fics are (primarily) het and femslash. Ratings vary. Please always check fic headers and tags for warnings.

Touched By Death by asyouwishxladyswan (Hook/Milah)
An evocative little drabble/ficlet drenched with emotion. So appropriate for this turbulent pairing.

Emma Swan and the Totally Unacceptable Fact that Everything Is Lesbians by anamatics (Emma, Snow, Mulan/Aurora, Emma/Regina)
This fic is terribly amusing! Emma attempts to play matchmaker for Mulan and Aurora who are obviously pining for one another. She also has some heartfelt conversation with her mom (Snow). I love how in character everyone is. The narrative is in Emma's POV (but still in 3rd person) and it's a lovely brand of sarcasm and irony. The fic takes some stabs and jibes at a problem or two the show has as well. And it all comes together quite nicely at the end.

Failure by mormolyce (Cruella de Vil/Ursula)
I know, I know, I'm like the first person to scoff at shipping psychopaths. And Cruella is certainly that. But I still love this ship and I love emotional intensity in this fic and how Ursula's departure effects Cruella. It's a lovely gut-punch, and yet Cruella stays characteristically selfish throughout it all.

How To Become A Father by clashofqueens (Hook/Milah)
A AU in which Killian and Milah have a baby. It's adorable and sweet. I just love seeing Killian as a (doting) father, I guess *shrug* *g*

The Princess and the Warrior by brocanteur (Mulan/Aurora)
Note: this one is archive locked. THIS! In relatively few words this fic manages to weave a compelling tale of falling in love and letting go and changing and accepting failure. Mulan and Auror never manage to save Phillip (which does make me sad for Phillip), but they DO manage to find true love. The style is great too - snapshots that all come together into a full, compelling picture which stays true to both characters.