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Eurovision - Semi Final 1 - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Eurovision - Semi Final 1 [May. 19th, 2015|11:08 pm]
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First semi of Eurovision was today.

I see Ukraine isn't participating this year. Which, I totally get as they have far more serious things to worry about than a song contest. I'm still sad though.

Russia actually has a really nice song this year, and Polina does have a good voice (thought I felt like she got drowned out a bit at times). But! Major lols at the irony. The song is all about ~unity. "Peace! Friendship! We know what all those things are! (Just give us your land first.)"

Maldova - This was actually a really good song. I was surprised it didn't make the fnal.
Armenia - Meh.
Belgium - My mom really liked this guy. I wasn't feeling him or the song though.
Netherlands - This wasn't a bad song at all. But probably there wasn't enough hoopla or something happening on stage to get into the final. (Although, she wasn't the one this year to keep it ~simple.)
Finland - Very...Finland, somehow. But also very not my thing.
Greece - The song was ok, but she does have a very nice voice.
Estonia - I wasn't feeling the song. But, gosh, that guy is very cute!
Macedonia - Another meh.
Serbia - I actually thought she would be one of those opera-type singers. That didn't pan out, which may or may not have been for the better. I actually thought the song fairly good. But I do wish it had been sung by someone with a stronger voice.
Hungry - Very pretty song! Liked this one.
Belarus - I feel like this song was actually better than my enthusiasm for it, which is more along the lines of meh. But then, they didn't make it to the finals, so maybe not.
Denmark - Aww this was so charmingly positive. Sadly, nothing there to make them really stand out.
Albania - I actually liked this one. My dad, who was in the room at the time, totally trashed her/her singing. I was especailly, smugly happy that she got into the final after that :p
Romania - Not amazing, but definetely one of the songs I liked. Mome was certain they wouldn't go through, but they did!
Georgia - Meh. The Raven-esque costume was cool, but the song was meh.

So, the people I wanted to get through were: Romania, Albania, Hungry and Russia. Probably also Maldova, Grease and Estonia. The last one more for ~reasons than the song <_< Out of those only Maldova didn't make it. The countries I rolled my eyes at getting through were Armenia and Georgia.