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Eurovision - Semi Final 2 - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Eurovision - Semi Final 2 [May. 22nd, 2015|12:19 am]
[Tags|, ]

The theme of tonight's semi seemed to be DUETS. I actually think tonight's semi was somewhat better than the first one.

Lithuania - interesting country-like sound in this song.
Ireland - I liked this one!
San Marino - They were kinda cute and had a decent song, but their singing wasn't very good.
Montenegro - Gorgeous violin intro and I liked how it picked up pace and the singing. Another fave of this round.
Malta - This is like the second song called Warrior this year. And just like the first song, I didn't find it very impressive.
Norway - I really liked the atmosphere of this song.
Portugal - Meh
Check Republic - I liked their voice and this song was nicely emotional
Israel - The song kind of grew on me as it went on. I think I actually ended up liking it.
Latvia - This one was just kinda really weird...
Azerbaijan - This one wasn't bad, but it fell a bit short emotionally for me
Iceland - Hmm. I couldn't decide how I felt about this song for a while but I think it won me over in the end.
Sweden - This song wasn't bad. But what really amazed me was the staging/lighting/production value.
Switzerland - Meh.
Cyprus - Some really nice lyrical songs this year, including this one :)
Slovenia - Another meh. I couldn't get over how weird her voice is.
Poland - I did like her voice, but somehow the song didn't do too much for me.

People I was rooting for to make it: Ireland, Montenegro, Norway, Check Republic, Israel, Sweden, and Cyprus. The one I'm mostly sad about not going through is Ireland. (Check Rep. didn't make it either.)

Final is on Saturday :)