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Positive November 7 - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Positive November 7 [Nov. 8th, 2010|02:59 am]
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Actually, kind of hard to make a “good things” list for today, given that my bike was (probably) vandalized resulting primarily in a flat tire, me not going to soccer because with my bike dead no way was I gonna make it on time – it’s like a 30 minute walk there and I had half as much time to get there – and I was sort of hung over for the first half of the day. HOWEVER, I guess this is sort of a challenge as well :p




1. Still keeping up on NaNo. Just a bit behind but not critically. The one thing that bugs me, honestly, is my apparent inability to write pre-teens, especially boys. Angel, my MCs BFF to be who is at this point 11, comes out either sounding like a young child of 7 or a quite grown up guy of no younger than 16. It’s frustrating. But I love my boys and I’ve hardly gotten to Eve yet and I like her.





2. Skyped with James! I miss him. We really need to hang out sometime soon.




3. Wrote about a forth of what I have due for Writing50 on Tuesday. (This is a “part” of my huge-ass research paper that will be do.) Said fourth written in about an hour, yes I am very proud of myself and my confidence is boosted :)




4. It rained. Not a great prospect for tomorrow but it was very nice tonight as I love listening to the rain as I sit in my warm and dry room :p




5. The prospect of[info]verus_janus  possibly writing a Sev/Ev hurt/comfort fic for me had me giddy for a fair amount of time. This is like my dream fic scenario in the HP fandom. OTP paring + boy!love + fav boy!love genre = <3 <3 <3