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last night's GoT and Penny Dreadful notes -- SPOILERS - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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last night's GoT and Penny Dreadful notes -- SPOILERS [Jun. 8th, 2015|10:59 pm]
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Game of Thrones
-To be quite honest, Shireen's scene was harder for me to watch than Sansa's. A lot harder. This may be a personal thing (I literally had to mute that scene to get through it), like I of all the different ways characters get killed or harmed in fiction, death by burning is the one I can't stand the most, probably. But also, I'm more upset over it re: characterization/logic. Sansa's set up made sense to me. It was a change from the books, but it made sense. Shireen's death felt OOC for Stannis. And I don't even like Stannis and think he's an asshole. I mean, yes, it's not totally illogical in the sense that this is totally something that completely brainwashed/fanatical people might do -- sacrifice their own children. There's even that one biblical story about the guy who was about to sacrifice his only(?) son because God told him to? I don't remember exactly what it was. But I never got the impression that Stannis was quite that far gone. Gone far enough to burn some stranger? Yea. (And that's bad enough.) But his own daughter?

-Assholes told me that Jorah dies in this episode. Thankfully they were trolling and it's not true. Also, people who keep talking about how it was kind of anticlimactic can go whine somewhere where I don't have to hear it. ...In more polite terms: I actually thought the scene was pretty great. Yea, there was a little bit of that tropey ~dramatic pauses and ~emotionally charged eye contact, but I think I need that sort of thing. It's not ~super realistic, but in fiction it works for me. It puts the emotion back into the scheme. Also, for this plot line, with the magic dragon and everything, it felt tonally right.

-Everyone has been praising last week's Hardhome to the heavens and back. Mostly for that zombie battle. And, like, it was a good scene, an intense scene. But...seriously? I was a lot more emotionally invested in the arena scene this episode. But I guess that lines up pretty well with how I don't generally give a shit about zombies or overly-gruesome supernatural battles.

-I got me some Jaime this episode <3 He's had a terribly hard time this season with good scenes. But at least he's still alive.

Penny Dreadful
-I know the possession/devils/witches storyline is supposed to be the central driving force here, but that's the storyline I care about least, sometimes it feel like. Vanessa's constant bloody visions somehow get repetitive.

-There are so many reasons to find Victor/Lily creepy. And it kind of is, even though...on the other hand...she makes him happy in a way and they're kind of cute? But if I'm to be honest, I kind of wish they didn't give Victor a romance. Especially a het romance, but really any romance. I mean, I ship him a bit on a low-key level with like Ethan and Dorian, but not even enough to like look for fic, really.

-Oooh some very Crime and Punishment-esque stuff going on there with Ethan and the inspector. Interesting.

-Dorian/Angelique are cute.