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my latest project is a fansub, and I'm kinda terrified... - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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my latest project is a fansub, and I'm kinda terrified... [Jun. 13th, 2015|02:35 pm]
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OMG you guys! So I haven't really talked about this, but I've lately started a subtitling project. Basically, there's a Russian miniseries which I really love, but there is no English dub or subtitles for it. So I decided to make a fansub. I've just finished (and posted on YouTube) the pilot (first two) episode(s). I've never done subtitling before and my fanfic translation experience is also quite limited. So...I kinda can't believe I'm doing this.

I have some major performance anxiety over this project. I don't really know why. I have like zero shame when it comes to fanfic. And fanvids. And I've even posted my awful attempts at art with little shame. The only reason posting Russian fandom scares me is because of some major fandom etiquette differences. So I guess I'm not sure why I'm so eeep over this. Like...who's even gonna watch it? lol.

But, no seriously, I think it's because I'm a tiny bit afraid that like...my totally amateur translating/subtitling will kill a perfectly good canon. I'm also afraid that anyone who does watch won't get the characterization subtleties because of my failings as a subtitling-person-thingies. I mean, subtitles - even when professionally done - have this issue to an extent but I'm just....argghhh....fndsjfndkjlsfnkjfefbo. There, that's how I feel. Flailing gibberish.

I don't even wanna think about the technical side of things :/

On a more positive note: THE SHOW IS AWESOME. It's a historical drama. Set in mid-18th c. Russia, it's basically the story of Catherine the Great's rise to power, starting from the time she comes to Russia as Peter III's bride-to-be. It's also about Peter and the complicated, heartbreaking tragedy that is his fate. This boy is a woobie if ever there was one, I promise. It's also about Elizabeth, the daughter of Peter the Great, and her intrigues and the political/mind games she plays in an attempt to keep the succession running smoothly. There's politics and court intrigues, romance and other interpersonal relationships, characters with lots of internal demons and issues, women in power multiple bechdel test passes (if that's what you're looking for), and it's just really pretty all around :) The acting is good too, although I realize some of that will be lost if you're relying on subtitles only.



[User Picture]From: evelyn_b
2015-06-14 04:50 am (UTC)
This sounds really awesome! I'm looking forward to having enough time to watch it AND UNDERSTAND IT, thanks to your hard work! <3
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[User Picture]From: alley_skywalker
2015-06-15 06:14 am (UTC)
I hope you do get a chance to watch it. It's a really fun. If anything, it has definitely spurred in me a certain interest for the historical Peter III, who is a relatively contentious figure, as it turns out, even though his reign was marketable short. Ever since people have started to challenge the classic depiction, historians have been having a bit of a throw down on the topic with some holding on to the classic anti-Peter stance and others acting as more Peter-apologists, for lack of a better word.
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