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Dear M/M Rares Author [Jun. 18th, 2015|02:01 am]
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Dear M/M Rares Author,

Firstly, I would like to say thank you for the time and effort that you are willing to put into making my gift :) I’m very excited for this fest and I hope you find this letter to be at least somewhat helpful/inspiring. I’ve included my general likes and dislikes as well as specific preferences and prompts for each fandom I’ve requested.


-Het and fem as background/secondary ships are all good with me!
-All ratings up to R.
-A focus on the romantic/emotional aspect of a relationship and some semblance of a plot/point rather than just sex.
-Unrequited (or secretly requited) pining.
-Complicated relationship dynamics, love triangles, relationships that take some effort/time to work, loving each other but because [insert reasons here] not always being able to be together/communicate those feelings, etc in this vain.
-UST. Eventually resolved is probably better than not, however, not a must-have.
-Conversely from the above – romantic partners who just can’t help but adore each other.

-Threesomes/moresomes and polyamory.
-Incest (unless specifically asked for or canon).
-Parings with large age disparity (over 15 years) unless specifically asked for.
-Pedophilia (please keep minors in sexual relationships with adults 16 and over; if both partners are teens 14-15 is ok if treated appropriately).
-NC-17 and PWPs
-BDSM, omegaverse, and most kink. (NOT included in this: foreplay; bantery/lighthearted roleplay for the purposes of foreplay; preferences for a certain sexual position, fascination with a partner’s physical trait, such as, e.g., preferring redheads or virgins or younger partners or being fascinated by someone’s shoulders; rough/aggressive/desperate sex or outside-of-bedroom inequalities that transfer into the bedroom, even though there may be pining down of wrists or some other element that could be considered a kink or part of BDSM.)
-Foot fetishes (I know I said liking specific body parts is fine, but ah, feet are the exception).
-Humiliation (both sexual and not)
-Non-con/rape (dub-con that leans toward/ends up as consensual is ok).
-Mpreg; cross-dressing; genderbending/genderswap.

Genres/Themes (and such):
-Angst, drama. (Generally, I’m ok with dark!fic too, but please don’t try to use this as a challenge to see how many angst/dark tropes you can fit into a single fic. I enjoy dark themes and things like character death don’t bother me, but if it feels like it’s just a marathon of horrible things happening with no light anywhere to be seen…that might be a little too intense for me.)
-Humor is fun too, but I like it more as an element in the story rather than a story that sets out to be funny first and foremost.
-Hurt/comfort <3
-LOYALTY KINK! Themes of loyalty in general.
-Fluff, banter, cuddling/snuggling, kissing, general adorableness (and adoration!).
-Well-rounded characters, characters with emotions/sympathetic motives; the “other side of the story”.

-Crack!fic, parody.
-Radical AUs that subvert the universe (eg: genderswaping the cast, setting a modern fandom as a fairytale, turning a historical fandom all Sifi, etc. This includes stuff like A/B/O and inserting magic/supernatural elements into a non-magic/supernatural universe).
-Crossovers (not counting specific crossover requests, of course).
-Character bashing; intentional OOCness.
-Humiliation; any sort of glorification of bullying, or bullying being excused/condoned in the narrative (this includes things like victim blaming, etc).
-Narrative implications that “sex = love” or that romantic partners HAVE to have sex to have a “valid” relationship or to be “really” in love with each other.


A Song of Ice and Fire
Gerris/Quentyn. I was pretty upset when Quentyn died. He was a rather minor character, all things considered, and I do think he got cheated a bit – exploited for story/plot points. But from what we got out of him, I really did like him (and fandom’s disdain on his account baffles me). I love that he’s sensitive and thoughtful and self-aware, but also intelligent and determined and actually quite brave (though foolishly so sometimes). I feel like I’m yearning for some closure or something, so something from Gerris’ POV would be awesome. Something along the lines of post-character-death angst. Interwoven with memories, either in flashbacks or narrative form, I’m not fussed. Of course, I don’t want to limit you to that scenario. I do like Gerris a lot too, independent of Quent, so their youth together, lots of banter – that would be awesome too. I admit to really enjoying the Prince/King and His Servant/Squire/Knight/What have you (knight, in this case) trope. Loyalty kink and hurt/comfort are your friends. If you just default to those two in their most iddy form for a thousand words I’d be perfectly content.

(Although, you know what, if it’s AU and Quent lives and succeeds in his mission somehow and goes back to Dorne victorious with the Dany as his bride and there’s politics and pining and jealousy and plot and stuff? I’d eat that up with a spoon!)

Captive Prince
Jord/Aimeric. Aimeric is a tragic character to me. He’s abused, then manipulated. His trauma response leaves him more vulnerable that Laurent. He gets caught up in a civil war and tries to do a brave thing (when you look at it from his side of the political divide) and it ends horribly. He ends up stuck between a manipulative “lover” and his family on one side and a man he’s come to love who genuinely loves him back but also a Prince he despises on the other. It’s all delightfully juicy angst but also terribly sad. Aimeric makes a lot of sense to me.

I would love me some Jord/Aimeric fluff or flangst or hurt/comfort. Jord/Aimeric hits all of my OTP kinks. I love how they work together, I love the difference in social power and yet the reverse difference in emotional vulnerability. I also just love Jord. I love how much Jord loves Aimeric. Basically, yea.  If you just want to write something utterly heartbreaking: Jord dealing with Aimeric’s death and realizing that despite the breach in trust he still loves the boy. And how devastating that realization is. (I feel like because the book is from Damen’s POV we don’t really get closure for Jord/Aimeric. I didn’t get closure, anyway, and I’d like some.)

Tiberius/Sabinus. I was rather disappointed with what the show did with Tiberius’ character after Ep 4, especially since I’d thought they finally decided to round out their antagonists a little more. So, characterization wise, I’d definitely prefer a story that sticks more to his early characterization, ie: the eager, slightly temperamental teenager who just wants to make his dad proud. Thankfully, Sabinus got to stay awesome and honorable until the very end.

I loved these two together. More or less anything that explores their relationship would be awesome. I am especially all about the loyalty kink with this pairing as well as hurt/comfort. A missing scene between that disaster of an attack on Spartacus and when we see them next in the tent the next day(?). Or a missing scene the night before decimation. Or, for an AU, what if that whole decimation thing is stopped somehow and Sabinus never dies. Would he be able to guide Tiberius away from disaster/doom? But, honestly, we get so much darkness with these two in canon that I’d probably prefer something more fluff/mush oriented. Flangst is cool. If it’s hurt/comfort – which, yes, please! – larger accent on the comfort part is preferred :)

Catherine (2014)
Brockdorff/Peter. So. This is a historical drama. Which fudges around with history quite a bit, especially timelines. But like, I don’t even care, because it’s wonderfully written and acted and offers up some wonderful characters. Characters based on real people, so feel free to use historical facts/background to flesh things out. (Although, since I’m looking for show!fic not RPF, show canon/characterization trumps history.)

Obviously, feel free to skip historical research as this is not an RPF request, but in case you're interested:
Before Peter III was called to Russia to take his place as the crown prince, he grew up in a German/Prussian family. His father was close with Brockdorff's father. Peter and Brockdorff obviously knew each other as kids/teens because by the time Peter was called to Russia (he was like 14..maybe a tad older), Russian ministers had decided that Brockdorff had such an influence on him, that he should not be allowed into the country. So when Brockdorff tried to follow Peter to Russia, he was turned away at the border. Several years later he ended up basically sneaking into the country anyway, came to Petersburg, got a warm reception from Peter and stayed as the latter's Kammerherr. I'm sure the "real" motive behind all this was something along the lines of money-position-power. But the more romantic (read: slashy) theory is more fun :D (Info comes from Russian wiki article.)</span>

Peter stole my heart. I understand Catherine’s struggles and that he pushed her away and generally has the tendency to be a snot a lot, but he won me over. There is so much genuine desperation, fear and unhappiness in his character that I just want to give him all the hugs. And of course it all ends so tragically.

Brockdorff is always in the background but also always around, even when it doesn’t seem like he has a “duty” to be. (Or any comprehensible reason? Like when Peter is woken up in the middle of the night to go watch Catherine give birth and Brockdorff is there with him. I mean, other than like providing moral support, why would he be there? And why would he want to provide moral support in the middle of the night unless he cares a hell of a lot? See how this works? :)) Even if you don’t want to use historical background, Brockdorff seems to be the one person who is always exclusively on Peter’s side. (Shuvalov is too, to an extent, I suppose.) In that last scene before Peter gets arrested by Orlov and co., it’s Liza and Brockdorff who are with him and Brockdorff makes such a touching show of loyalty by offering to buy Peter time by “holding them off.” I don’t want to make this into a shipper’s manifesto or anything, but I just mean that there are so many little, subtle things.

This could even be a one-sided ship. I love the dynamic of the emotionally vulnerable, mildly daft Prince and his loyal and more competent/composed underling (chamberlain in this case). You could go fluffy – private, happy moments – or angsty – Brockdorff’s one-sided love or a complicated relationship made even more complicated by Peter’s constantly worsening paranoia and dissatisfaction with everything. Hurt/comfort <3 (I apologize for the lack of specific prompts. It’s more a mood/relationship dynamic I’m going for than anything else.)

War and Peace
Dolokhov/Anatole. I ADORE them together. Personal headcanon is that Dolokhov takes not just a leading but protector type role in this relationship, but you can play with that as you like. You could do anything with them! Happy, fluffy summertime fic, banter, first time, UST (especially at a ball), friendship-turned-more, drunk fooling around. Or mushy hurt/comfort. Or awfully angsty war!fic. How does Dolokhov take Anatole’s death at Borodino? What about that whole Anatole/Natasha thing? How does that fit in? For something more “serious” – having to hide their relationship; maybe Anatole is in denial about having romantic feelings for men? There are some major socioeconomic imbalances in this relationship, but Dolokhov has the upper hand personality and intellect wise and an exploration of how all that translates into power dynamics within the relationship would be cool. Not to say that their relationship has to be flawless. With someone like Dolokhov it’s never going to be. I’m sure there would be plenty of jealousy and cheating and hurting each other (probably unintentional on Anatole’s end and intentional on Dolokhov’s). I’d be up for a kinda-fix-it where Anatole survives the war and well…that’s going to cause its own slew of problems and issues, but maybe a happy ending of sorts if you go in this direction? I do want these two to be happy, but their angst has the potential to be extremely delicious.

Dolokhov/Nikolai. This was actually the first pairing I shipped in this fandom. These two have the potential to be very cute. I’d love to see a scene from that summer they spent together in Moscow after the duel when Nikolai’s family is out in the country. Or maybe a post-duel hurt/comfort fic? Throwing someone like Dolokhov into a situation where he’s hurt and vulnerable can be so interesting. Or Nikolai’s reaction to the card game? Why such a “messy” break-up? (We know in canon it’s Sonya but was it really?)

Pierre/Anatole. I especially like the idea of this being a start-of-book or pre-book pairing. Maybe they got together in Paris during Pierre’s time at University? They’re both just such boyish sweethearts (Pierre changes but he starts like that, at least!). I can also imagine a Pierre/Anatole/Dolokhov (not necessarily in that order) triangle. Post-war angst and regret is always a go. Pierre pining after Anatole (and maybe feeling guilty about it because Andrei told him not to/it doesn’t fit into his ~reformed masonic lifestyle).

I actually had this AU thought a little while ago – what if Dolokhov puts Anatole in Pierre’s care after Borodino and Pierre takes him away from Moscow after evacuation and feels like he has to take care of Anatole and Anatole lives and they kind of…bond and end up bridging their differences and stuff and…you get the picture ;)

Crossover: War and Peace x Eugene Onegin
Dolokhov/Onegin: I don’t think we ever get a canonical timeframe for Eugene Onegin, but inference and educated guesses and such, say that the age difference between Dolokhov and Onegin is actually about 15-20 years. However, if you would like to twist/bend the EO timeline a bit to make them closer in age, that’s fine too. I’ve seen it done very well before.

I think…I think this would be an interesting opportunity to see a younger, pre-canon, more vulnerable Onegin. Before he was quite so jaded with the world/society. Also a chance to see him as the more vulnerable/less experienced in a relationship. Dolokhov plays the most exquisite mind games, so there’s that. And what if Dolokhov is trying to use a young Onegin as a replacement for Anatole who died in the war? Or would these two have some sort of seduction stand-off? Or connect on a purely intellectual/cynical level? I don’t even know, honestly. But I would be super interested in seeing how this pairing would work. I don’t actually have any sort of headcanon that I’m much attached to, so I’d love to see any take you have on this ship.