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June Recs - Small/Rare Fandoms - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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June Recs - Small/Rare Fandoms [Jun. 21st, 2015|10:56 pm]
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Eeep. This month has been so busy that I didn't even get to put up my monthly recs until now. Though I'm kind of glad, because it means I could include my lovely Night on Fic Mountain gift :) June is dedicated to small/rare fandoms. I don't have a concrete way of defining that, honestly, but Yuletide-eligible is a good approximation.
Fics are mostly slash, gen and het. Ratings vary. Please always check fic headers and tags for warnings.

Captive Prince
A Time and a Place by bornof_sorrow (wintersfire) (Jord/Aimeric)
I love the tension between Aimeric and Jord in this. I love how patient Jord is and all the things that are so obviously wrong for Aimeric and how he responds to them is very much in step with his canon characterization. I don't know if the fic was written before or after we find out what side of the upcoming civil war Aimeric is on, but having all the information certainly puts an interesting spin on their conversation and private moment. There are so few fics for these two, and this one is wonderful.

Dark Tower
Drift by greekhoop (Cuthbert Allgood/Roland Deschain)
This is one of those lovely, UST-filled, post-Majis fics, which are both warm and heartbreaking.

three times Cuthbert kissed Roland, and two times he was kissed instead by janie_tangerine (Cuthbert Allgood/Roland Deschain)
Sweet shippy fic. These two are so lovely together. There's also a bit of a well-placed gut-punch at the end.

we hit the ground running on empty stories we've been told janie_tangerine (Cuthbert Allgood/Roland Deschain)
I just love how this one is written, with the asides and everything. The banter is cute, Roland's inner monologue is very Roland. Reminds me why I loved Wizard and Glass so much.

Faking It
curiosity killed the cat by redcat512 (Shane Harvey/Liam Booker, Amy Raudenfeld/Karma Ashcroft, Lian Booker/Karma Ashcroft)
Everyone is wonderfully in character here. Also, the idea of Shane/Liam is attractive to me. This fic is like what the show is at it's best - fun and thoughtful at the same time.

The Imitation Game
give all my secrets away by trustingno1 (Hugh Alexander, Alan Turing)
This is a charming little missing scene between Alan and Hugh. A nice illustration as to how they have come to understand and trust each other during their time at Bletchley. Alan, whom I find very hard to write, personally, is totally in character.

Shadows the Sun Made by kalypsobean   (Peter Hilton-centric)
I love this fic's portrayal of Peter after the war. The trauma of what the codebreakers had to do, how not being able to talk about their experience affects them, or at least Peter in particular. The mentions of John also made me smile. The prose is beautiful, almost lyrical. It makes the whole thing even more poignant.

War and Peace
Confessional by MousselineSerieuse (Maria Bolkonsky/Nikolai Rostov, Nikolai Rostov/Sonya Rostov)
This fic is so rich with detail. I really like this exploration of what it must have been like in the Rostov-Bolkonski household in those early days. The hole awkwardness with Sonya and Nikolai and Maria's self-doubt. I love the smooth style in which it is written. It all falls together beautifully and makes me sympathize even with characters I didn't care much for in canon.