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what is it this season? [Jul. 4th, 2015|12:59 pm]
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I love Suits.

But this season I’ve been a little put out by the overarching plotline of the Harvey/Donna/Louis triangle thingie. It’s all just so…immature.

And I mean, it’s not like this hasn’t happened before on the show, but usually it happened in moderation. Donna’s “superhuman” skills as a secretary were played half as a joke and half serious, in that, yea, she’s good at what she does. Louis always had his weirdly immature moments, but Louis was also always the comic relief, so it worked. His constant rivalry with Harvey could slip into absurdity but mostly did well enough in resembling something like an actual conflict two people who both have issues might have.

But this season it’s just been weird. Harvey and Louis going over the line because of who Donna works for reminds me of two ten-year-old siblings who don’t get along fighting over who mommy loves more. I could even expect this sort of coming from Louis, because his behavior has been consistently like this, but Harvey completely losing his shit over this is a little too much. Yes, there are deeper interpersonal relationship issues with Donna that come into play but those get…drowned out by the absurdity of the whole thing? IDK. I just can’t take this conflict seriously.

In a comedy, I could see this plotline working. Comedies feed on hyperbole of all sorts. But in what was supposed to be a soft-core drama it’s off-putting. Neither very funny nor particularly emotionally engaging.

(Also, for God’s sake, could Mike and Harvey get some actual quality time on-screen together or something?)

I also put this up on Tumblr...which I'm kind of nervous about. But maybe people will just ignore it, lol.