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August Recs - Downton Abbey - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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August Recs - Downton Abbey [Aug. 20th, 2015|05:00 pm]
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I didn't get much of a chance to read fic in August, so it's a late and small rec list this time, but I really like all three of these fics! Fandom this month is Downton Abbey <3

Fics are gen and slash. Ratings vary. Please always check fic headers and tags for warning.

Ever Yours by thegirlwiththemouseyhair (Thomas Barrow/Philip)
I really liked Thomas and the Duke in the show, however brief and this fic does a great job of a giving a bit of a snapshot of their time together during the London season through some of Philip's letters and Thomas' POV. I love what a sap Thomas is deep inside and how much he's obviously in love with Philip. At the same time, this fic is great at showing just how messed up this relationship is/was and the role their un-even power dynamic plays.

The Ugly Sister, or, How Edith Learned Not to Believe in Fairy Tales by Thursday_Next (Edith Crawley-centric)
This was written back in 2012 so the ending is AU by now, but I still really enjoyed this little character study of Edith. It's painful and heartbreaking - all of Edith's disillusionment and growing up. But! She gets a happy ending here, so all is well :)

twenty odd years and another catastrophe by philthestone (Sybbie Branson, George Crawley, Mary Crawley, Tom Branson)
I love NextGen fics and this is a really well written one. I love the friendship between Sybbie and George and the WW II theme and the nicknames - everything. I love the hints and how Mathew's and Sybil's deaths affected Mary and Tom and the sort of things their children notice. This was a melancholy piece but it ends well.