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September recs - How to Get Away With Murder - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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September recs - How to Get Away With Murder [Oct. 1st, 2015|03:09 pm]
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I know it's not September anymore but I totally forgot, arg! So I guess October will be a double-rec month (although, I'm still calling these Sep recs lol). This month's recs are for HTGAWM.

Fics are slash and femslash. Ratings vary. Please always check fic headers and tags for warning.

Not on the job by toflowerknights (Connor Walsh/Wes Gibbins)
It's an escort!AU in which Connor is the escort (who doesn't fuck his clients...usually) and Wes is a lawyer. It's sweet and kinda funny at the same time and they're both still very much themselves. Especially Connor.

Concentric by nevercominghome (Laurel Castillo/Michaela Pratt)
I really like the style in which it is written - it's very sparse and stripped down but in a way that packs a solid emotional punch. It's bittersweet and who doesn't ship these two girls anyway, at least a little?

my heart can still fall as hard at 23 by mixedinspirations (commodorenewt) (Connor Walsh/Asher Millstone)
It's cute and hurt/comfort-y but still IC. I love the fics that bring out Asher's nice side, where you see that the frat-boy image is really more of an image. Also, Connor being stunned at Asher's come-ons when he realizes they are actually for real is the most giggle-worthy thing ever.