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notes on Yuletide tagset [Oct. 15th, 2015|02:46 am]
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  • For once someone other than me nominated War and Peace! evelyn_b, I don't think it was you (I think I might know who though), but they're also characters you like (Natasha, Nikolai, Boris) :) This means I can't request Any this year, like I usually do. I might still offer Any. (Actually, the inability to request any is probably a good thing. I makes my mind up for me on some fronts. Now I just have to decide if I want to request JUST Dolokhov or Dolokhov & Anatole.)

  • OMG someone(s) nominated a TON of secondary Captive Prince characters. Most importantly jord and Aimeric are in and now I'm soooo tempted to include them. I can't seem to get that ship in any of the other fests. But ARGH I already had all my requests worked out. (Maybe this will be my spare if I chicken out on my RPF request.)

  • No Brideshead Revisited nomination this year. I wasn't planning to offer or request it, but huh, it was a pretty regular Yuletide fandom before.

  • More no-shows: the Charlie/Adam shippers in the Mighty Ducks fandom didn't make a showing this year either. I thought they would.

  • The Penny Dreadful and Sense8 fandoms filled out the character set nicely. Although, I was kind of expecting they might.

  • Wow at all the The Americans characters. I still hold that Homeland > The Americans.

  • You I Love (2004) was nominated! (You know. The queer Russian film with a canon poly relationship? This was before the regime cracked down on shit. Mmmhhmmm.)

  • I'm SO excited for the Catherine (2014) nom/request I'm making. I think all the characters aunt_zelda and I discussed are in :) God I hope somoene requests/offers this fandom <3 I certainly pestered everyone I could about it relentlessly. (But should I request just Peter so I can ask for both Brockdorff/Peter and Peter/Liza or just give into my slashy id and request Peter & Brockdorff.)

  • Someone nominated Стиляги (Stilyagy). I'm intrigued. (I'm such a dork. I get SO excited when I see Russian fandoms nommed, even when they're canons I haven't consumed or don't have an interest in like Junior League or Master and Margarita.)

  • After going through the tagset, I have a list of 16 fandoms I could theoretically offer, though I probably won't end up offering at least a third of this list. But the list doesn't include five-minute-fandoms like songs because I haven't combed through those yet.