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an update before the year runs out [Dec. 31st, 2015|07:16 am]
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So, I feel like I owe an update before the year runs out. It’s been busy around here, although I can’t say that it’s been as busy as my absence from LJ suggests.

I HAVE fallen into the black hole that is tumblr a bit. It’s not really that bad if you don’t get involved too much with the SJ side of things and don’t post anything super controversial. I’ve definitely been policing myself more on there than I do on LJ, but that’s not bad. Besides, MOST of what I’ve been doing on there has been gifs and talking about War and Peace (esp. the new adaptation.) Oh! And an HP RP :)

I mean, the one thing that Tumblr IS great at is the tags system and how easy (relatively) it is to find people in your fandom, even if it’s super small. Although, there is something about LJ that I just don’t think can be replaced. (It is better at supporting text and is honestly a TON more accessible. I can’t read most people’s layouts without going mobile or doing something to it. Just Ctr + to increase text size doesn’t work because the layout goes all haywire on you most of the time.) But also, I think it’s the comms. There isn’t really a proper Tumblr equivalent for them.

I run a blog on there dedicated to the Catherine (2014) tv show. I’m also a co-admin on a blog dedicated to the 2016 BBC War and Peace adaptation.

Speaking of the War and Peace BBC adaptation – I AM looking forward to it, although I will admit to already having issues with it, but that was expected to an extent. I’ll probably have a cumulative anticipatory post on here before the thing airs in the next couple of days. (If anyone cares, or in case I don’t get to it, here is my W&P tag on Tumblr. It’s got both book and adaptation stuff on it.)

Downton Abbey had its series finale.

EDITH GOT HER HAPPY ENDING!!! I’m so happy! It was truly a fairy tale ending: married to the man she loves, rich, with her own business and the entire family in the know about her daughter.

I usually kinda hate super-happy endings, the sort that look like they came out of a children’s book, but I didn’t actually mind it this time. I liked how neatly things wrapped up. Yes, it wasn’t very realistic necessarily, but it was such a pleasant way to end the show - there was actual closure so that I don’t quite feel the sting of it being over so badly. (And, yea, it was time to wrap up. They were definitely out of good storyline without having to bring in lots of new characters or something.) Though, I am a tad bitter that Thomas never got a boyfriend or even a “hint-hint he might get together with this guy later” the way they did with Tom and the journalist/editor girl. (And, ok-ok. I am a little uncomfortable/peeved with how there was this overarching thing of not married =/= not happy. But I guess that can be written off as a product of the time period the show is set in or something.)

Ok, now I want a sequel show with the Next Gen kinds (Sibbie, Marigold and George) and their adventures in the 40s-50s :)

I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Honestly, I found the movie kind of underwhelming. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it was...not bad, but just kind of ok + a few nice action sequences and a few good lines. Like...if this was the first Star Wars movie I ever saw, I doubt I would have had the desire to go and watch all the other movies as I waited for the next one. (Although, I think I just got lucky that I started with ROTS. I don't think any of the other SW movies would have done for me what ROTS did.)

(Maybe it's because it felt a lot more( like the OT overall than the PT. And I'm one of those people who likes the "awful" Prequels more than the OT...) (OK, but honestly - yea, loved the PT, at least as a unit if not the movies individually,  found the OT pretty boring in comparison.)

I mean i did enjoy the movie more of less. Some of the characters have nice potential, there were some funny moments and a few stunning action sequences. I'm holding out hope that this is just the effect of this being a "set up" movie and that things will really get going later. (ESB was more fun than ANH too.) And maybe it's just nostalgia talking, maybe my tastes have simply changed since I was in high school, but I can't get away from the feeling that I was expecting more.

Oh...and I ship Kylo/Hux. Don't ask. (Though, Obi-Wan/Anakin will always be my OTP for that fandom. And SW will always be Anakin's story first and foremost for me.)

December in Moscow is theater season for me. Which means that I’ve seen three plays in the last 2 weeks.

  • It's Not All Shrovetide for the Cat was fun and lighthearted. Your usual classic.

  • Hamlet – played in a slightly less dramatic and melancholy mood than I was expecting/is typical, I think. I certainly had a lot more sympathy for the guy this time around than I did when we read the play in HS. But I still think he’s overrated as a character. At least the play itself as plus of being Shakespeare.

  • Flowers for Algernon (based on a 1950s scifi short story and subsequent novel) was the one I liked the most, I think. I mean, a lot of it was due to Maxin Kerin (<3), who is pretty brilliant, especially given how young he is, but also it just felt like the most thought provoking. It was also a somewhat new experience for me – I rarely watch more modern things, typically preferring classics. (Well, actually, I have watched a few original modern plays, but in those cases, they were very-very modern, like set-in-present-day sorts, whereas this was more of a “modern classic.”)

Other RL things.

  • I got through the MPRE, thank God, but now I have to submit a Determination of Moral Character ASAP and do a bunch of other boring shit. Agh.

  • I have no idea what my grades are for last semester, nor do I want to honestly, lol.

  • I’ve been falling down some history rabbit holes, but especially the Peter III shaped one <3 (Also, agh, the Catherine the Great 2015 series was as bad as I feared it would be.)

  • Looking forward to the Sherlock speical episode!

  • I’m in Moscow for winter break as usual. As much as I love seeing my family and being here, we’ve got WAY too many people in a small apartment. Let’s just leave it at: there is a LOT of friction over everyday things. (Also I managed to get sick the first week. I’m just getting over it all now. Not super sick – just a cold and related stuff, but it was still annoying.) Tonight, with dad’s side of the family coming over, there is likely to be even more drama (there already has been.) But, at least, the “political situation/tensions” haven’t actually been that bad. I’d even say last year was worse.