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March Recs - Star Wars - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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March Recs - Star Wars [Aug. 22nd, 2016|04:10 pm]
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Heeeey guys. I know I've been kinda neglecting LJ lately. Part of that is Tumblr's fault but a lot of it is that I just haven't had as much time to do ALL the fandom things since I was studying for the bar in June/July and then was away on vacation this month (just came back a couple of days ago). However, I do want to get back into posting more here, at least to do things like my fic recs. I've been keeping a file with the fics/links so now I just have to write up the posts. I think I'm gonna keep the months separate and labeled with the month still, even though I'm posting them late.

So to break my streak of silence, I'm gonna start with putting up the "March" recs, which are for Star Wars. (Though...tbh, it's pretty much all just Kylux). These are all slash. Ratings vary. Please always check fic headers and tags for warnings.

You're Awful by zamwessell (greencarnation) (Hux/Kylo Ren)
This one is just good old fun! I think it was written pre-movie actually? But the characterizations don't even seem that far off, which is kinda amazing. But really, it's just meant to be fun and cracky and funny, all of which it manages!

Inopportune Moments by Tarkinducken (Hux/Kylo Ren)
This one is wonderful! I love the characterizations in it and the worldbuilding. The development of Hux's and Kylo's relationship doesn't feel forced but something you totally would expect to happen. It's a longer fic and an engrossing read.

i was born to be lonely, i am best so by aploun (Hux/Kylo Ren)
So right after the movie everyone seemed to be writing these "what happens when/right after Hux goes to fetch Kylo for Snoke" fics. I haven't read all of them but I had read a few and this was one of my favorites. I love the imagery and the emotion in it. The hurt/comfort hits a kink of mine as well.

Pains by park3rborn (Hux/Kylo Ren)
Another one of those "right-post-TFA" fics. This is one is more trope-y and shmoopy but if you're looking for some nice Kylux hurt/comfort and feeeelings, then go here :)

Born to Be Free by ImperialRemnant (Hux/Kylo Ren)
More Kylux feelings and hurt/comfort, but in a slightly different context. I like the balance in this fic, tbh. It doesn't throw characterization out the window but it also has a lot of the h/c trope, which tends to be hard to pull off with a ship like Kylux.