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RIP the fun that was NextGen - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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RIP the fun that was NextGen [Aug. 27th, 2016|05:02 pm]

I feel like the HP fandom, for once, isn't certain whether something should be considered canon or not. I mean...theoretically, with JKR's endorsement of it's canon status, there's little basis to claim that Cursed Child isn't canon. Though, I'd hate to put "AU" on every NextGen fic I ever write from now on. *shrug*

(Because, I mean, seriously? Voldemort/Bellatrix AND they have a child? Scorpius and Albus are BFFs and Scorpius ("the cinnamon roll") seems to have no other friends? Scorpius/Rose even if one-sided? I mean, it's not that it doesn't make sense but it's the most contrived fanfic ever.)

I think I feel about this play the way lots of people felt about the Epilogue. So, IDk. Maybe we can have some kind of EWE-like tag? Like CCWCC? Or NCCC (Not Cursed Child Compliant)? IDK. I didn't hate the Epilogue. It may have been a bit forced but in a big way, the story WAS headed that way all along. This whole thing is crap. I understand the acting and effects were great, according to the people who actually saw the play performed, and some of the scenes/ideas in the play are sweet and all...

Like, I know I'm personally gonna treat this the same as all non-movie SW "canon," i.e. IDFC. But I wonder how this will play out in fandom at large.