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Rogue One - attention spoilers! - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Rogue One - attention spoilers! [Dec. 16th, 2016|08:29 pm]

Saw it today! Overall, it was fun. Definitely more action-y and dynamic than TFA. IDK if I liked it MORE than TFA necessarily - on some levels yes, one some…ehhh. (Though, I do think my INITIAL reaction to TFA was more disappointed, but that might be because I was expecting more, too. I think I keep going in expecting ROTS-level awe and I definitely need to make my peace with the fact that that’s just not happening again lol.

  • As I mentioned, the action was really fun! It was a true fantasy-war movie.

  • The actors did a really good job. The sets/scenery were impressive.

  • Maybe a LITTLE too heavy-handed on the sentimental idealism but w/e. It’s SW.

  • Jyn and Cassian’s relationship was very sweet. It honest-to-God helped that they did not force a romance on us. They could be READ romantically, sure, and I think that was the intention but I really liked how their last moment was them hugging, not kissing. (YMMV of course, but I liked this. I love shipping in fandom, but I’m kinda tired of the Compulsory Heterosexual Romance in canons.)

  • …I was really not prepared for a franchise like SW to kill ALL of it’s main protagonists lol.

  • On a fandom note: YMMV on how much shipping material there is. I think, overall, there’s a decent enough amount depending on your tastes. For me, though, the only thing I think I came away shipping more of less is Cassian/Bodhi. (I would totally ship Cassian/Jyn if I wasn’t such a hard sell on het, though.)