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May the 4th Be With You Letter - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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May the 4th Be With You Letter [Mar. 10th, 2018|11:43 pm]
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Dear Yoda,

First, I would like to say thank you for the time and effort that you are willing to put into writing for me. Optional details are optional, of course, but if you're like me and like to have lots of info to work with, I've tried to provide some info on the sorts of things I like (and don't) and give prompts/details on each of my ships.

My AO3. My Tumblr, where I hang out far more often than here these days.


Note on Canon
So...I was always a Movie Canon Purist and still am, lol. I only really watch the movies - I'm familiar with some of the other canon/EU installments but the moies are the only thing I really care about/consider True Canon (TM). You're totally free to base your fic on any canon/EU outside of the movies that you want, but just know that even if you only know the movies, that's totally fine because they're all I really care about anyway. Also, if a prompt of mine happens to address something that's included in a non-movie installment - I'm sorry! Just feel free to ignore that prompt if you feel odd re-writing what's already there in canon/EU.


  • Outside of requested ships, I have a preference for slash as a general rule, but I'm good with slash, het or fem for background ships!

  • All ratings up to R.

  • A focus on the romantic/emotional aspect of a relationship and some semblance of a plot/point rather than just sex.

  • Unrequited (or secretly requited) pining.

  • Complicated relationship dynamics, love triangles, relationships that take some effort/time to work, loving each other but because [insert reasons here] not always being able to be together/communicate those feelings, etc in this vain.

  • UST. Eventually resolved is probably better than not, however, not a must-have.

  • Conversely from the above – romantic partners who just can’t help but adore each other.

  • Kissing, hugging, holding hands, non-sexual physical contact in general.

  • Praise kink (in the sense that there’s a lot of emotional investment in and getting-off on getting praised or otherwise acknowledged as worthwhile. Works especially well with characters who are deeply insecure. I’m generally fond of other related things, such as body worship, partners being encouraging during sex in a very sweet, reassuring way, etc).


  • Threesomes/moresomes and polyamory.

  • Incest (unless specifically asked for or canon).

  • Parings with large age disparity (over 15 years) unless specifically asked for.

  • Minors under 16 in sexual/romantic relationships with adults; one-sided teenage crushes on adults are fine. I'd rather not read about teenagers under 16 having sex, even if both are 14/15, but romance/kissing and some groping and whatnot is fine; references to off-screen sexual experimentation/sex is fine if it's something that fits the characters/story.

  • NC-17 and PWPs.

  • BDSM, omegaverse, and most kink. (NOT included in this: foreplay; bantery/lighthearted roleplay for the purposes of foreplay; preferences for a certain sexual position, fascination with a partner’s physical trait, such as, e.g., preferring redheads or virgins or younger partners or being fascinated by someone’s shoulders; rough/aggressive/desperate sex or outside-of-bedroom inequalities that transfer into the bedroom, even though there may be pining down of wrists or some other element that could be considered a kink or part of BDSM; anything specifically listed as a “like”).

  • Foot fetishes (I know I said liking specific body parts is fine, but feet are the exception).

  • Humiliation (both sexual and not).

  • Non-con/rape (dub-con that leans toward/ends up as consensual is ok).

  • Mpreg; cross-dressing; genderbending/genderswap.

Genres/Themes (and such):

  • Angst, drama. (Please don’t try to use this as a challenge to see how many angst/dark tropes you can fit into a single fic. I have no issue with dark themes, angst is my crack and things like character death don’t bother me, but if it feels like it’s just a marathon of horrible things happening with no light anywhere to be seen…that’s a little too intense for me.)

  • Humor is fun too, but I like it more as an element in the story rather than a story that sets out to be funny first and foremost.

  • Hurt/comfort (primarily and especially for M/M ships).

  • LOYALTY KINK! Themes of loyalty in general. Protectiveness.

  • Friendship, family (dynamics), platonic love.

  • Fluff, banter, cuddling/snuggling, kissing, general adorableness (and adoration!).

  • Well-rounded characters, characters with emotions/sympathetic motives; the “other side of the story”.

  • Politics, intrigue.

  • Plot, long!fic. (I am absolutely not expecting to receive longfic, but I've seen some people say that they feel unsure about gifting longfic because they're unsure if the recip would enjoy it. So, in case you ARE thinking of writing longfic - please do!)


  • SW specific: If the fic takes place during the Clone Wars: please, no Ahsoka or anything to do with that storyline (i.e. please pretend the CW cartoons never happened).

  • Crack!fic, parody.

  • AUs that subvert the universe or drastically change the setting (eg: genderswaping the cast, setting a modern fandom as a fairytale, turning a historical fandom all Sifi, Coffee Shop/College AUs, etc. This includes stuff like A/B/O and inserting magic/supernatural elements into a non-magic/supernatural universe).

  • Crossovers.

  • Time travel.

  • Apocalypse/post-apocalypse scenarios, regardless of whether done as an AU or some kind of post-canon possibility thing.

  • Character bashing. (Especially with requested characters.)

  • Graphic gore and violence. Horror.

  • Torture. (Mentions are fine if torture is something that happens in canon. BUT no deaths/executions by torture – eg: drawing and quartering – whatsoever. No torture of requested characters whatsoever.)

  • Humiliation; any sort of glorification of bullying.

  • Issuefic.

  • Narrative implications that “sex = love” or that romantic partners HAVE to have sex to have a “valid” relationship or to be “really” in love with each other


I love the angst potential of this ship. One of my favorite dynamics for this ship is grudging respect that turns into genuine-not-so-grudging respect that turns into feelings. I also like the idea of them hating that they care about each other but not being able to do anything about it. I love their contrasts – Hux the uptight perfectionist and Kylo the competent warrior but a mess inside. So anything that plays with these dynamics would be great. Obviously, there has been some change to their dynamic after TLJ, but I like thinking (at least for fic purposes) that it’s evened out by Hux being highly respected in the military and Kylo knowing that he needs him to keep the peace as well as for his expertise.

It’s not so much specific scenarios that I’m interested in as much as seeing the relationship develop. What happens if they have a mission that forces them to work in very close quarters for an extended period of time and in circumstances where they have to rely on each other to survive? The political jostling post-TLJ would be interesting, especially with Hux planning a coup and Kylo trying to keep a precarious hold on his power. Maybe Hux gets hurt on a mission and this forces Kylo to confront his feelings? Of, you know, just slice-of-life banter is also good.

My Kylux tag on Tumblr for reference, in case it's of interest.

Qui-Gon & Anakin
My favorite SW characters! I’ve always craved the AU where Qui-Gon doesn’t die and he trains Anakin. I always thought things would have worked out better for Anakin if Qui-Gon would have trained him – they would have understood each other better and there wouldn’t have been as much baggage to start out with. I’d enjoy seeing how plot points change if Qui-Gon was Anakin master (e.g.: does the Tatooine sand raiders massacre still happen? Does Anakin tell Qui-Gon about Padme? How does Qui-Gon counteract Palpatine’s influence and does Palpatine even have the same foothold in this universe?). I always believed Anakin wouldn’t have fallen if Qui-Gon had trained him. (Because I felt like there was an instinctive lack of trust from Anakin’s side toward Obi-Wan, and not without reason, and that it was a big contributing factor to his fall. But with Qui-Gon it would have likely been different, imo.) On the other hand, I’d love to see just happy fluff and/or adventure for Qui-Gon and a young padawan Anakin.

DNW: please don’t ship them romantically.

I would like to see a meeting between these two when they are both in their older teens or as adults. I loved how cute they were as childhood BFFs and I think it would be interesting to see them find each other again when they’re older and develop feelings for each other. AU scenarios would be interesting here. What if Kit was Anakin’s secret love and not Padme? What if Anakin runs into Kit before going to save his mother and they go together? Anakin running into Kit and his master while they’re on a mission and devising a plan to save his old friend from slavery. Ect.

From: rosietrace
2018-03-18 12:54 am (UTC)


I used to write Star Wars stories...I'll be seeing you and Delusions...I just posted them to fanfiction . net. I know I used to write with you and I was wondering if you wanted to write together again....tsfloyd09@gmail.com is my email as well as puppy67@yahoo.com. Email me.
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From: rosietrace
2018-03-18 12:55 am (UTC)


I used to write Star Wars stories...I'll be seeing you and Delusions...I just posted them to fanfiction . net. I know I used to write with you and I was wondering if you wanted to write together again....tsfloyd09@gmail.com is my email as well as puppy67@yahoo.com. Email me.
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