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Yuletide Recs [Dec. 26th, 2010|05:38 pm]
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Here is an initial batch of recs for this years Yuletide fics; there will probably be more :)

First off, I want to point out my gift-fic, Whither are ye banished? in the Eugene Onegin fandom. It’s written in POETRY form like the original which totally awes me. It’s really well written, Onegin/Lensky slash, and is spot on with tone and poignancy.

Other honorable mentions go to:

Brideshead Revisited

Sebastian Revisited - In classic Charles/Sebastian style or beautiful and painful. Yea, it's a fix-it, but that's part of what makes it so wonderful.

A Trance Sublime and Strange -- Charles, Sebastian, a dark night by the river...sure, perhaps I'm fangirling, but this one's just aesthetically pleasing.

Mighty Ducks

Just An Old Fashioned Love Song: or, Three Conversations Adam and Charlie Never Expected to Have -- Given that this fandom is majorly pushing the limits of Yuletide eligibility, there's plenty to compare this fic to. But htis is Chadam (Charlie/Adam) at its best. I'll give it the tripple S -- solid, sexy and sweet.

Blades of Glory

No Good Deed -- Hector's POV is not something we see lot in fandom and, well, too bad, apparently. This is wonderfuly in character -- creepy and funny at the same time. It's a feel-good thing... you know, in that twisted, creepy, stalker way :p

Hotel California (song) / For Your Entertainment (album)

(Costing not less than everything) - This one's an interestingly sober look at something inherently surreal.

Law and Order: SVU

Gardens Are Not Made by Singing -- SVU is another one of those a-little-too-big-for-Yuletide fandoms but regardless of that, here we have solid, in character Munch fic, which is far from the typical in-fandom fic. It's got philosophical/political issues and some implied character psychoanalysis and canon-perfect dialogue and Munch/Fin friendship (you can glimpse more there if you're so inclined)... It's not dark!fic but it's realistic, and I think that adds plenty to it's merit.  

Dangerous Liaisons

Se Plaisir - This one's for the femslash fans. The Marquise seduces the young Cecile and it's pretty damn hot. There is even some French bits there and here, thought perhaps that's a personal kink ;)

Checkmate - Valmont/Merteuil fic set pre-book.


{C}The descriptions and characterizations are perfect. It's hot but tasteful at the same time and all sorts of delightfully devious. 

Lola (song)

Mixed Up, Muddled Up, Shook Up World - This is here for its brave transvestite POV, the queer themes, the implied class themes and the last line. Yes, the last line.

A Hero of Our Time

A Chain of Contradictions - Written in the journal style of the original, this piece is incredibly in character and delightfully canon-tight. It's also emotionally complex, and yes, messed up and somewhat dark but that is part of it's beauty. Also -- Russian boys, slash, and dueling, what else is there to ask for?