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Ekaterina/Catherine (2014) S5 trailer

Some (not particularly deep) thoughts on the S3 Ekaterina trailer

  • Pretttyyyy <3 (This show always has been.) (Someone please make gifs lol)
  • Where. Is. Paul??? I know he’s in this season. Although, some of the S2 trailers didn’t really include him either so maybe it’s ok. (Like, can we just have a Paul spin-off or something, esp. if there’s no s4?)
  • Wait. I don’t understand. Are they trying to imply that Alexei Orlov is also going to be in love with Catherine? Or something? What. (Could be a total misdirection but I also wouldn’t be surprised. They would totally retcon S2 for this.)
  • At least Catherine looks like she’s going to be equally obnoxiously awful this time as she was last season. At least that’s consistent xD
  • I actually feel like this season could be more exciting that last season. I don’t really understand why they couldn’t have included the pretender plots in S2 and stretched out the romance stuff over two seasons? (And, like, you know, actually handled Paul’s first marriage with some grace. Jeez.)
  • “Which European monarch does this benefit?” I’m gonna lol irl if the answer is Frederick the Great xD (I really wouldn’t put anything past this show as much as I love it.)
  • It’s hilarious (and accurate) how Pugachev looks absolutely nothing like Peter. (And yet, when that young-sounding guy was all like “our sovereign father Pyotr Fyodorovich, emperor Peter III” my heart grew 2.5 sizes.)
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