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Post-reveal Post - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Post-reveal Post [Jan. 2nd, 2011|03:31 pm]
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First of all, Happy New Year!

Not quite as many firsts this year as last year, but certainly a fruitful Yuletide it has been! My official assignment fic was the most read and I feel like this is the mostly because it is in a fandom that is not microscopic. Or rather, it is tiny, but anthropomorfic – especially of this sort – is not a canon that needs much acquainting with and most people are familiar with it on default anyways. I didn’t pinch hit this year but I did write one more fic than last year, had a larger cumulative word count (over 21k) and 3 of the 5 treats I wrote were full-length. Two of my full length treats were written for the same person who has not commented, I think they didn’t comment on their main fic either but did on a Madness treat. It’s ok, I’m not letting that get me down, especially since all fics have reviews!

So, stuff I wrote:

Title: The View From Here

Fandom: Academia (Athropomorfic)

Characters/Paring: Theater Studies/Film Studies, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Black Studies, Math, Feminist Studies, Psychology, Philosophy, PE, Music, Art

Rating: PG-13

Warning: Brief instances of what could be interpreted as racist/homophobia

Word Count: 2,282

Summary: In which Theater Studies reflects on his colleagues, especially his relationship with a certain Film Studies.

Commentary: Thus was the fic I wrote for my official assignment. It was also the only “first” this year as I have never before written in an athropomorfic fandom. I enjoyed it a lot though, perhaps because I like playing with stereotypes, or maybe because being a college student brings the subject matter so close to home. I did my best to satisfy the “humor” part of my recipients request and judging by the comments, I think I managed fairly well, especially for someone who writes mostly drama and angst.

Title: You and Me and All Other People

Fandom: War and Peace

Characters/Paring: Dolokhov/Anatole, Dolokhov/Nikolai, Anatole/Pierre, Pierre/Andrei, Helene, Galina Dolokhov (Theodore’s sister)

Rating: PG-13/R (borderline)

Warning: Slash, non-graphic sex

Word Count: 16,985 (according to AO3)

Summary: It takes Theodore Dolokhov years to figure out what he really wants. (Or: the development and growth of Dolokhov and Anatole’s relationship as they deal with other life problems, love other people and battle their way through miscommunications and other things life throws out there.)

Commentary: Admittedly, this was the fic I was most excited about and the one I am most proud of. It’s long and plotty and it outlines the head-canon I have for this fandom. The recipient called it a “slash epic” and I suppose it is. It was suppose to be almost twice as long and cover ALL of canon, but I cut it short in favor of writing other treats. I may write the rest of it as a Part 2 NYR. Honestly, I was just so excited to find someone who not only loves War and Peace but also the same CHARACTERS I do (and not the standard Natasha/Andrei) that I was like TGHNRJGNTJKGBHJTRBGE. I don’t think she is as fangirlish as I am – helenvalentine , if you’re reading this and you’re thinking that this is false, PM me/comment so we can have a squeal fest :p – but still OMG. Admittedly, there are things about this fic that I’m not completely satisfied with – the writing style is a little blunter/blander than how I usually write and some parts aren’t as fleshed out as I would have wanted them to be, specifically Theodore’s romance with Nikolai. On another note, it’s not listed in the parings but there is a brief Denisov/Dolokhov paring moment. I also realized how much I love writing Helene, especially when she and Dolokhov get to be more friends/partners in crime rather than lovers (despite my love of the Dolokhov/Helene paring). Yea, so this fic may fall under the “everyone is gay” trope, but of well!  

Title: Empathy

Fandom: A Hero of Our Time

Characters/Parings: Werner, Grushnitski/Pechorin

Rating: PG

Warnings: Slash (heavily implied)

Word Count: 1,174

Summary: Werner, as Pechorin’s second, goes to make arrangements for the duel.

Commentary: This one sort of owes its existence to V, who did a concept beta on it and insisted that I just write/post the damn thing. I think this is the only fandom that I was familiar before yuletide and had to go back and review canon for (well, the Adam Lambert song too, technically). I generally ship Grushnitski/Pechorin but the recipient had asked for Werner. Well. He ended up as the POV character, though it was a hard thing to write and I’m still worried as to how IC he came out (the fact that this is one of the treats for the person who did not comment doesn’t to anything to ease my suspicious). I managed to get the Grushnitski/Pechorin thing in there and though I didn’t list Werner/Pechorin as a paring above there are some implications of it. Admittedly, both parings are pretty much one-sided in this case as well as implied/off-screen. Pechorin never makes an appearance, in fact. I think this stayed fairly canon-tight, which I am very happy about.   

Title: Jessica

Fandom: Misery (music video)

Rating: R

Warnings: Abusive relationship, BDSM, knife-play/blood-play, dub-con, coarse language, dark!fic

Word Count: 1,146

Summary: A drunken meeting at a club starts off a twisted chain of events.

Commentary: Not quite as popular as I had thought/hoped for it, this is another sort-of first for me. It’s a dark!fic with pretty explicit femdom BDSM, though it’s not overly graphic or savored. I don’t usually write the more, em….kinky side of sexual interactions but I wanted to write for this prompt. Also, I’ve never written for a music video fandom, though since it is a cousin of the song fandom, I only count this as a partial first.

Title: 3 AM

Fandom: Whataya Want From Me (song)

Rating: PG

Warnings: Slash, implications of (past/off-screen) cutting

Word Count: 793

Summary: After a messy break up, Lance has a hard time taking what Dylan has to offer.

Commentary: One of the two madness gifts, this one missed full length by only a couple hundred words or so and could have easily ended up full length if I had more time. The names of the a lot characters (one of the two on-screen and pretty much everyone mentioned) owe themselves to the boys in my brother’s hockey team and the relationships I imagine them having if I was writing fanfic for them. Technically future!fic since they are all only 9-10 right now. Is that disturbing? Yea, probably it is a bit but oh well. Now, however, I am interested in the relationships that grew in this fic and I kinda want to explore them a little more…

Title: By The Way

Fandom: Mighty Ducks

Paring: Charlie/Adam

Rating: PG

Warnings: Slash

Word Count: 666

Summary: Charlie, Adam and a snapshot of college move-in day.

Commentary: Despite the fact that I firmly believe that Mighty Ducks is far too big a fandom for Yuletide, I found the opportunity to write Chadam way too enticing to pass by. Admittedly, this fic didn’t turn out quite as well as I had wanted it to. The boys deserve better…or well, at least longer or something. But it is what it is and as a snapshot fic I think it words. This isn’t my future!fic head-canon for this fandom but it’s certainly less depression than my head-canon. However, I did manage to slip in some off my ideas on Adam not being a great boyfriend and Charlie having to take the shit of that. But well, it’s subtle but it’s in there :p

As a final note I’d say that my love for Russian lit fandoms is unavoidable, I suppose, but thankfully there is such a thing as Yuletide where I can get a bunch of rare-fandom/Russian lit fandom love. One day, some wonderful person will write me that War and Peace fic (for anyone stalking around for NYRs, my birthday is on the 26th of February :p).

Well, another New Year and another Yuletide gone by. Like last year, I’m gonna start missing it very, very soon. A fantastic joy from everyone, thank you, Yuletiders, for being so awesome!


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[User Picture]From: alley_skywalker
2011-01-02 10:43 pm (UTC)
Hahaha I don't think I know anyone as fangirly about W&P as I am. I think I'm this fangirly because my literary love in that book as well as my current all-fandom OTP. Yea. I promise I won't like go annoying-obnoxious on you about this lol, But um...don't be surprised if you get a PM one night that's all like "I WROTE THIS FIC CAN YOU READ IT PLEASEEEEE!?" Lol. I get like...really excited sometimes lol.

Ok, so like, I'm just about always up for a squeefest! Seriously, I could probably like talk forever or something but I'm really interested in a fandom info-dump from you: favorite characters/parings? Least favorite characters? Just stuff you loved about the book (either in terms of lit or fandom)? Stuff you want to write/see written as fanfic? (I'm like totally open to requests btw ;) )

PS: I, personally, have no qualms about this being Tolstoy fanfic though I do see why people would. For me though...I know I'd never be able to imitate his style or anything but that's not really what I'm trying to do either in the fics. It was always the characters and their relationships that I was most interested in.
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