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So....What should my next big project be? - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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So....What should my next big project be? [Feb. 10th, 2011|03:43 am]
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Tag helenvalentine  and methleigh because they might actually find this of interest (?)

I have a never ending list of plot bunnies, especially in the Harry Potter and War and Peace fandoms. But there are things that really are impatient to get written and really should get written. At least once I’m out of Fest Season more or less (things should be calming down for me come spring).

1. Harry Potter: I really, really want to write some more Young Guard (Sev and co. as young DEs, basically) fic, but instead of having the focus on Severus and Evan, etc, have the focus on Anatole Bonfante. That one OC of mine. I’ve always wanted to flush out his story, especially with Anastasia (his fiancé) and the whole situation of how he dies and the Blood Curse which has appeared in a couple of my fics to one extent or another. (This would also require the revelation of the boy’s true bloodline and sneaking in that War and Peace cross-over which I can’t resist seeing as how Antonin’s last name is Dolohov).

2. War&Peace: Part 2 of You and Me and All Other People. (I just need to figure out how they get from “OMGILOVEYOUSOMUCH” to the Natasha Fiasco and how that doesn’t absolutely destroy their relationship. Any bright ideas?)

 3. War&Peace: I have a Petya/Dolokhov fic (though excessive Dolokhov/Anatole mentions are inevitable) sitting on my computer which was the Yuletide treat I originally had planned but it got trumped by YaMaAOP. War/Post-War, AU…I’m only like 600 words into it but it’s far enough for me to not want to abandon it. Anyone wanna beta/brainstorm/cheerlead?     

 Those are really the three main ones nagging at me right now so….LETS VOTE! What should I focus on first?

Poll #1679662 Lets Give Alley Something to Write

Which of the above scenarios should I focus on first?

It's not on the list but are you EVER going to finish Facades?
I hate all of them!/
I don't care?
I've got a better idea and I'll tell you in the comments.