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The "Romeo and Juliet" fic that never was... - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The "Romeo and Juliet" fic that never was... [Feb. 17th, 2011|01:57 am]
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Was going through some of the old files on my computer and found a fanfic outline for a Romeo and Juliet fic that a friend of mine and I were going to co-write and never did. It goes like this:

-Romeo and Juliet are together. Juliet loves Romeo but Romeo loves Mercutio.
-Mercutio loves Romeo but thinks Romeo is straight (lots of angst to be relished).
-Tibolt develops dark lustful feelings for Romeo but doesn't dare to go after him in fear of the wrath of his cousin Juliet who could expose him to the world out of revenge.
-Romeo realizes that he loves Mercutio too much and can't stay with Juliet anymore. He leaves her but doesn't explain why.
-Juliet runs crying to Tibolt about how Romeo left her "for another woman"
-Romeo and Mercutio admit to each other that they love each other. (Fluff alert!)
-Tibolt finds out about Romeo's affair with Mercutio. He tells Juliet.
-Juliet wants to have revenge on Romeo and Mercutio and expose them to the public but Tibolt doesn't want anything to happen to Romeo until he (Tibolt) has had what is his. He promises Juliet that he will get Mercutio out of the way.

It's truly scandalous isn't it? :p I remember it was supposed to be a dark!fic with rape involved but a relatively happy hurt/comfort mush/fluff ending. Knowing my friend, he probably would have talked me into smut as well *rolls eyes*