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30 Days HP Meme - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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30 Days HP Meme [Apr. 7th, 2011|11:04 pm]
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Day1: Your favourite of the 7 books
Either HBP or DH.

Day 2: Your favourite of the 7 movies so far
DH because HBP screwed up so much.

Day 3: Which (if any) of the films have made you angry because they've ignored important parts of the book?

HBP. Why was there no Astronomy Tower battle? WHY?

Day 4: Your least favourite female character and why
Not sure. Petunia, I guess. I also don’t like Ginny. Tonks bugs me too.

Day 5: Favourite male character and why
Including fanfic and person fanon: Tony Dolohov. If I only take canon into account…idk. Fred and George are endearing, I sympathize with Ron and Lupin seems like a nice guy.

Day 6: What house would you want to be in? What house do you think you'd be put into?
I’d want to be in Slytherin. But given my RL personality, I’d probably be in Hufflepuff.

Day 7: Favourite female character and why
I don’t know if I have a favorite…Even considering fanon etc. I honestly have a hard time really really liking female characters. Well…Lily I guess. Yea, I like Lily.

Day 8: What do you think would be your favourite Hogarts subject?

DADA. Though transfiguration is cool and useful. Given than I liked chemistry in HS I might’ve liked potions…unless Snape was teaching it/ He’d scare the hell out of me and I’d just end up hating him and the class.

Day 9: Least favourite male character and why
Harry Potter. Honestly, if JKR was writing fanfiction, he would be the ultimate Mary Sue, er Gary Stu. Oh, also, James Potter is a jerk. So is Sirius, though he does grow up a bit.

Day 10: Pick one: Horcruxes or Hallows
Hallows. I stand by the idea that the Horcruxes made Voldemort insane. All that “splitting of the soul” is creepy. And I’m not a proponent of casual murder (or murder at all but anyways…)

Day 11: The character you relate to most
I don’t think I RELATE to anyone in this fandom. Maybe Ron a little bit? I don’t usually identify with characters in the classic sense.

Day 12: Favourite pairing

SO MANY! Antonin/Bellatrix and Severus/Evan are the OTPs. I’m not gonna list all of them unless someone specifically asks me too because I’m afraid I’ll leave something out or the list will just be too damn long.

Day 13: Least favourite of the movies
Chamber of Secrets. Although, as far as the movies go, I was very disappointed on how HBP focused SO MUCH on the relationships and not enough on the war.

Day 14: Team Voldemort or Team Harry?

Team Voldemort. I must say that I am in this fandom for the DEs and Harry annoys the hell out of me. This doesn’t really connect to RL that much.

Day 15: Who would be your best friends at Hogwarts (pick up to 3)
Evan, Wilkes and Mulciber. Given my headcanon. Given actual canon…I have no clue…I guess it would be fun to hang with Fred and George. Similarly, I could get along with Remus and Lily, I think.

Day 16: Favourite professor

Hmmm. Lupin. Though Moody (eh, Barty, that is) did a pretty damn good job. I think I’d like Slughorn cause he’s so easygoing.

Day 17: What would your wand be made from?

I’m WAY to lazy to do actual research for this. Though the core would either be hair or a unicorn or drag heartstring. Heh.

Day 18: Least favourite of the books

Chamber of Secrets. It’s the least exciting/gripping for me now looking back. Though I enjoyed it back when I read it as with the other ones.

Day 19: Books or movies?


Day 20: If you could meet one member of the cast, who would it be?

RALPH FINNES! Although, for reasons other than Harry Potter :p

Day 21: If you could bring one of the characters back to life, who would it be?
Ummm….Evan? Maybe Remus. Did Tony supposedly die there at the end of DH? If so, then him,

Day 22: Harry Potter or Twilight?
You know, someone once said “Harry Potter is about facing your fears and doing what is [or you think is] right. Twilight is about the importance of having a boyfriend.” What do you think?

Day 23: Parts of the books/films that made you cry?
I’m sure there were some in DH when I teared up. But I can’t remember.

Day 24: Any particular scene you wanted in the films but was left out?

Day 25: Satisfied with the epilogue?
The canon epilogue? You know, the one actually written in DH? Yea, satisfied enough, as predictable as it was. (Note that NO WHERE IN THE DH EPILOGUE does it say that Draco’s wife’s name is Astoria!!! Agh. Yes, I’m a purist.)

Day 26: If you were able to use one spell without a wand, what would it be?
I would like to be able to Apparate without a wand, if that counts as a spell.

Day 27: Which of the Hallows would you rather own?
Hmmm…probably the cloak.

Day 28: Who would be your nemesis at Hogwarts?

James Potter and Sirius Black.

Day 29: Is there a job you'd like to have if you were part of the wizarding world?
Spell inventor, perhaps? Curse breaker? Unspeakeable sounds nice, but it’s so secretive, I think that would way on me.

Day 30: Describe the effect Harry Potter has had on your life and how much it means to you?

I would like to use this space to make some things clear about my fandom involvement. I probably wouldn’t be in this fandom if it wasn’t for a brilliant fanfic writer – http. I had started reading HBP and stopped – for RL time issues – somewhere in the middle. I was thinking of picking it up again but my interest in the HP fandom was minimal. I had one Ron/Draco fic up. Then I came across http’s fics. He writes about the DEs and OMG his fics were AMAZING. That was fandom for me at one point. Over the next couple of months I gobbled down HBP and DH with a newly shaped view of HP and fandom. I have a sort of mission in this fandom – expanding the Other Side, the one JKR ignored and flattened to a stereotypical black-white binary. In RL I’m very liberal and the Pureblood aristocratic blood politics wouldn’t have appealed to me. I don’t like conservatism, elitism and snobbishness. But I loved the way http wrote these characters and how they came out so very normal and not even that unbearably snobby (well, maybe Lucius…) My characters are headcanon is not the same as his but my view of the fandom and its characters was certainly shaped by him and his fics in a lot of ways…

Now, more to the point of the question because the above was rather tl;dr….I definitely found in HP a great escape from reality as well as a large, active fandom to be part of (which I didn’t have after slipping out of Star Wars fandom). It has also allowed for me to write lots of stories I find interesting and lots of characters to explore. I’ve also met some great people along the way :)