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Thinking of withdrawing from a fest on principle... - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Thinking of withdrawing from a fest on principle... [Oct. 1st, 2011|12:52 am]
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I considered flocking this post, but I won’t. On principle.

I am very upset right now. Honestly.
There was a very, very nice story about Ginny posted on femgenficathon. It was taken down. Here is the post where the mod explains why.

So, why does this piss me off? Mods can do w/e in their comms, right? Sure they can. However, it would be nice, if you’re running a fest, to phrase your rules concretely.
The story was about Ginny having a hard time deciding between her career and her family. In fact, she had tried to balance career and family for a long time but it was straining her. Let me note that the choice wasn’t between her career and HARRY but her career and WATCHING HER CHILDREN GROW UP. This story is NOT het. This story is NOT about love (romantically). This is about a woman deciding what’s more important, her children and the time she has with them or her career.

There is NOTHING in the rules that says that a story cannot be about a woman and her family. In fact, the FaQ say that the story can be about such traditional things as being pregnant/having a baby (although it is not particularly encouraged). And nowhere in the rules does it say that a woman cannot choose her children and that the point of the story has to be feminist propaganda! The tagline of the fest, which the mod sites, is Stories About Women Can Focus On More Than Love. This story was NOT about love. (Unless the mod means familial/platonic love as well but…honestly?) The only thing the rules forbid is a story which IS NOT GEN. In fact, the rules even say that some het/fem can be included as long as the point is something else. How was this story in violation of the rules!? (My dislike of feminist propaganda that diminishes a woman’s choice to be around for her children aside, this story was just not against the rules! It should NOT have been taken down! The mod says the author made that choice but honestly, I don’t think he/she had that much of a choice once they were told that their story was inappropriate.) The mod’s analogy does not work. In fact it is completely wrong. She compared this story in the fest as a het story in a slash fest. This analogy would have worked if this was a het/fem story in this gen fest but this was NOT a het/fem story!

Honestly, I don’t usually question mods. But this is not action within reason… The mod can host whatever fest she likes but she should make it clear in the rules exactly what sort of story she wants to see. If all she wants to see are feminist stories than she should make that clear. Or, if she didn’t make it clear, not punish people for only being able to read what written in the rules post and not her mind.

The saddest part is that I already have a story half-written for this fest. It is not feminist story. It’s about a woman and her brother…her memories of their childhood and her sadness at his death in the war. She also dies in childbirth but before she does she names her son afer him (her brother). I wonder if this sort of story is not allowed too. And honestly, at the moment, I have no desire to find out. I’m seriously thinking of withdrawing. Not just defaulting too, but PMing the mod and telling her I’m withdrawing and why.