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In Shadows Part 2 (Lucius, Andre Rosier, Theodore Mulciber) - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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In Shadows Part 2 (Lucius, Andre Rosier, Theodore Mulciber) [Nov. 22nd, 2011|12:26 pm]
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Title: In Shadows
Author: Alley_Skywalker
Characters/Parings: Orion, Regulus, Filch, Severus, Evan, Avery  , Draco, Antonin, Borgin, Horace Slughorn, Cassiopeia Black, Lucius, Andre Rosier, Theodore Mulciber           
Rating: PG
Parts: 5
Summary: The shadows hide some of the most significant (though they may not always be identified as such in that instant) moments in our lives.
Notes: This is a cycle. That is, these are ficlets/drabbles that are unrelated to each other aside from having a common theme, in this case, dark potions and/or places. These ficlets were originally written as entries for darkarts_ldws. This is a cumulative header, each part will be posted with its own title, word count, rating and warnings.

Title: A Rendezvous
Word Count: 480
Rating: PG
Warnings: None

Knockturn Alley had a tendency to be dark even during the day with the hanging smoke, the overhanging building roofs, and the deep sense of dark magic that brewed and festered in the place. At night it was pitch black. Lucius had wanted to light a lumos the moment they got there, but Rosier and Mulciber had told him no. “We’ll be seen, you dunderhead. You don’t want to know what sort of things are done here to robes as flashy as yours at night.”

“It’s not my fault I have fashion sense,” Lucius hissed back at his friends, lifting up the hem of his embroidered, expensive robes so that they wouldn’t be sloshed with the muck that seeped through the cracks in the cobblestone.

“You mean it’s not your fault you dress like a peacock,” Andre Rosier teased quietly, nudging Lucius lightly in the arm.

“Watch it; I can’t really see where I’m going. How much further?”

“We’re almost there,” Andre reassured him.

“How can you even tell?” Lucius jumped slightly at the feeling of something running over his boots. Had that been a rat? In the pitch blackness of the alley he couldn’t tell. The blond gripped his wand even tighter than he was already holding it, if that was at all possible.

“I’ve had some experience. Antonin, Augustus and I went skulking around here last summer.”

“At night?”


“You lot are mad.”

“The Dark Lord does not appreciate cowards and pussies,” Theodore Mulciber remarked thoughtfully.

“I’m not a coward or a pussy,” Lucius sniffed indignantly, still attempting to peer into the darkness. “I just don’t admire the special effects. Everyone knows Riddle has a decent political headquarters. What’s with all the dinginess and slop?”

“It’s a test, Lucius, a test,” Andre said, the smirk on his face slipping into his tone. He stopped so abruptly that Lucius almost ran into him. “We’re here.”

Lucius looked up as Andre began to cast some sort of revealing charm. The building they had stopped in front of was nondescript with the same bleak brick wall, molding patches and lewd graphite. Nothing very different from many of the building in this area. Suddenly Andre ended his whispered incantation and pointed his wand at the center of the wall. A deep, creaking sound announced the opening of a door which Lucius had not noticed before, or perhaps it had just been revealed. A slim ray of greenish light seeped out of the building and over the muddy cobblestone of the alley, stopping at the tips of Lucius’ boots.

Lucius looked around at his friends but they both took a step back to flank him from behind. “After you,” Mulciber said firmly. Lucius took in a deep breath, letting it out through his nose, swept back the long curtain of his blond hair, lifted his chin and stepped into the green light…