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Character Sortings [Dec. 7th, 2011|01:58 am]
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This is for a landofart activity where we took characters from fandoms other than Harry Potter and sorted them into different Hogwarts Houses. Here are my two :) (and yes my descriptions are crappy because I'm way tired)

Fandom: War and Peace
Character: Theodore Dolokhov
Sorting: Theodore is first and foremost very ambitious. He not privileged like many of his friends so he strives to make his own way in the world. It is also a very Slytherin-like ambition because he can be both brash and manipulative, depending on what the situation depends. However, he always retains his sense of personal dignity and self worth, which I think every Slytherin has. He is very smart and practical, which are also typical of Slytherins. On a more personal note, Dolokhov is extremely loyal to his family and I think family loyalty is something that a majority of Slytherins consider important. They, like Theodore, have few to whom they are very close but those chosen few they are loyal to on a very intense level.

Fandom: Merlin (BBC)
Character: Merlin
Sorting: Hufflepuffs are known for their work ethic, loyalty and sense of fair play. Merlin has all of these qualities. He is a hard worker, sometimes because he has to do it, but generally because he wants to help or just because he’s the sort who is willing to do his job well. He is also patient, especially with Arthur, which is also a Hufflepuff trait. Speaking of Arthur – Merlin is just about the most loyal friends you could have. And, yes, he believes that protecting Arthur is his destiny but Merlin would stick up for any of his friends and most likely even if it weren’t for his destiny, he would still protect Arthur simply because he cares about the guy. Merlin also has a sense of fairness and he will often do things simply because it is the honest/right thing to do.