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Less that 3 weeks of school left! YAY! …sort of… So… - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 30th, 2007|11:40 pm]
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Less that 3 weeks of school left! YAY! …sort of… So many ppl that I know are graduating…it’s gonna be really sad. These ppl happen to include my favorite gay boy – yes I mean Tommy.

Anyways, I’ll try to go in order as I usually do when I have these long catch up updates.

Not much had happened actually during the first part of May, nothing memorable enough for me to remember anyways. However lately has been very exciting.

I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End when it first came out on Thursday, first showing! My first time at any kind of premiere for a film. I was in all black with a black scarf which had white skulls on it. Pretty sweet! It would be AMAZING to have gone to the Disneyland Red Carpet premier but by the time I found out they were selling tickets it was all sold out (typical) and then they cost WAY too much. I mean, O don’t have that kind of money and I doubt my mother would have agreed to pay for them. *sigh*

This is the initial review that I had posted at one of the POTC boards that I hang out at.

Overall impression? Wonderful! Exciting and emotional. We’ve got all the favorites here. A very quick three hours. Lots of laughs along the way as well as exciting action. There’s romance too, though not an overbearing amount – a good thing mainly. The special effects and the score are great. Some scenes are very emotional.

More specifically?

~On Characters~

Oh he’s evil but likable somehow at the same time. He’s one of those people that you hate to love but can’t help it anyways. He does die, but what a spectacular and beautiful death scene it is. The best in the film – the trilogy even – I could say.

Ah…dear dear James. How sad it was to loose him, especially after his heroic deed. He really is likable here, completely redeemed, in my eyes at least, after DMC. Just like he became very sympathetic at the close of CotBP. For Norrabeth fans there is a wonder kiss between he and Liz. She also seems very distressed after he is left behind as she shouts “James! No, James!” obviously crying.

Davy Jones.
You almost start to feel sorry for the guy. Sure he’s still and ass hole but he’s got this wonderful love backstory that just kinda makes you think “dang, man, that sucks.” And seeing him in Human form was quite the treat.

I think it was very appropriate that she is the goddess. After all she did resurrect Barbossa. The only complaint I have is that the hints that we had about her being Davy Jones’ lover went from subtle (the prev two movies) to painfully obvious – it was in her voice even as she spoke of him!

A lot more likable then in the first one. And actually, likable overall. Rush was great here. This is just something you have to see. He even stole a couple of scenes from Jack there IMO. (But then my overall opinion of Jack isn’t very high). Sadly, however, no apples this time.

Pintel and Ragetti
I love this duo. The perfect comic relief.

Murtog and Mullroy
This is the English Navy equivalent of Pintel and Ragetti. Funny and dopy – the kind of secondary characters you love and are attached to. I’m glad they got what little screen time they had in this film.

I think he was misused (ie against James) in some places. But I liked his interaction with Will.

~On Scenes/Plot~

The opening scene was nice but a little slow, IMO.

The whole recovery of the maps was a good fight, quite the way to get the action right away. And then I love a fighting Will.

When they were sailing through the icebergs…Will looked so cold (well they all did) I just wanted to give him a hug for warmth.

I thought Jack’s intro into the movie was great. The peanut is a great continuing gag throughout the movie. Though I suppose that unless you find the scenes funny they can seem slow paced.

When Beckett, Will, and Davy are having tea I love how snide Will is!

Will’s confrontation’s with Liz were good but it seemed almost like they had figured it all out way too fast. Maybe I just wanted to see a little more between them, a little more angst from Will, and Liz. But the dialogue in these was great.

The whole thing with Tia and the crabs…WTF? Why crabs?

Norrington’s death was a little…plain? I think he deserved to go in a more glamorous way, But it was a terribly sad part.

Why must Jack and Will hate each other so much? Well maybe they don’t hate each other but they don’t like each other that’s for sure. It’s a shame…I really wanted to see them as BFFs after the end of CotBP.

I think Disney messed up with Will a little with all his little deals…its just so…not Will. His first “betrayal” was just…plain betrayl-ly. It’s just not the Will I fell in love with.

THE WEDDING IS AMAZING! We even got some cheers and claps last night during their kiss. My romantic side was just swooning I swear. So when I went today I made sure to take a video of that kiss with my cell phone. Beautiful beyond words. Oh their vows were just so sweet and funny at the same time!

I think they didn’t do Will justice in his being “killed.” Well…ok no not true. It was handled well. I think the Turrow ‘shipper in me wanted to see Will saving Jack, or sacrificing himself for Jack even. Didn’t happen. Sadly.

I think its good that I had read spoilers about Willie’s fate because otherwise I might have broken down into hysterical sobbing (like I did during Revenge Of The Sith during the Mustafar duel).

THE PROLOGUE IS AWESOME! So beyond cute. The boy looks so much like his Daddy. Will just looks perfect coming in there on the Dutchman. Just the most amazing way to end a great movie (even if it is after credits). I like to (delusion?) myself into believing that the curse works in the way that if they still love one another and are faithful to one another after 10 years then the curse is broken. *smirk*


The ending was not as satisfying as I had wanted/expected. I had wanted something more along the lines of CotBP.

Will’s characterization seemed a bit off. All his wheeling and dealing just didn’t seem like him. Even if he was doing the wrong things he did for the right reasons.

Also, the part where Jack “saves” Will is just OOC for Jack IMO. Now this last one is especially A peeve for me…Its just NOT Jack! He doesn’t even LIKE Will. I mean fangirlishness and ‘shipping aside, if we look at it carefully. THEY DON’T LIKE EACH OTHER. And hero moments just DON’T fit Jack whatsoever. He does things that benefit him. Not only does this not benefit him but this is also kind of like him making a sacrifice. For Will” It’s just not in character, IMO. If it had been in reverse it would have been alright…I mean Will is the more noble one with a strong(ish?) sense of decency and moral.

However, once again…overall – wonderful!

Now this review is no where near – complete I guess you could say – more like an “at a glance” review. I’ve come to terms with most issues that I had earlier on by now, though not all, and some of the latest 411 revealed about the Curse of the FD Captaincy has made me feel so much better and has overall improved my opinion of the movie. For anyone who hasn’t seen it – STAY AFTER CREDITS. It’s so very sweet, believe me.

I went to see Pirates again on Friday with a friend. We both squealed over Willie and it was just so much fun!

Saturday was also great. I went to a Star Wars con – and not JUST a con but C4! Sadly, I only got one day But even THAT was great, I can just imagine what it is like for those who get the full Celebration experience.

I saw the Vader Helmet displays and the R2 builders. Those were pretty sweet. I also sat through a bit of Star Wars in pop culture, thought that was really cool, just really shows how much SW has affected people.

Met up w/ Forrest after that (an interesting experience in itself). We saw the SW in 30 minutes. An awesome, awesome, parody -- I laughed a LOT.

Forrest and I split up after that, he went to get in line for some panel or other and I went to eat. Saw a bit of the fanfilms after that. Those were rather interesting, some really talented movie makers there I think.

Hit the expo hall after that. I think its a good idea that I decided to do the shopping last...(I really DO need a restraining order from my debit card). I ended up spending around 200 bucks (including stuff I bought at the celebration store). A poster and a tee-shirt (celebration store) as well as 3 more posters, two stand-ups (Obi and Ani) and 6 action figures.

Didn't get a chance to get autographs but I figured that there were better things to do then stand in line...if it was Ewan or Hayden that's a diff story (sorry Jake).

So over all it was lots of fun! Now I've got to figure out where to put all those posters My room isn't that big!

Oh! Also there were some awesome costumes there. I ended up taking a few nice pics, I'll post those when I get a chance to upload them to my ccomp.

My grandma from my dad’s side, my aunt, and cousin flew in from Moscow on Saturday as well. Exciting…but not necessarily in a good sense. Now I don’t mind my aunt but my cousin (he’s a little over three years younger than I) is bratty and annoying and I never former a very grandmother/granddaughter relationship with my dad’s mother. She’s…frustrating, lets just call it that. My mom doesn’t like her ether, and my dad has terrible relationship with his family…so yea I guess I get my attitude from the ‘rents. So when mom and I were driving back from C4 we didn’t really wanna go home to the relatives so we stopped at Natasha’s house (she’s my moms BFF, she like an aunt to me) and hung out there for an hour. Then we went driving around tow while listening to a CD I found in the car (a burned copy of one of my kinda-good CDs) and singing along, with the volume turned up really high, Lol. Ok, so our intentions might have not been too nice but hey at least I got some bonding time with my mom. We were laughing all the time about our reluctance to go home. Lol.

It's really late so more tomorrow (hopefully).