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Yuletide Recs - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Yuletide Recs [Dec. 31st, 2011|06:24 am]
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So, it is almost the New Year and therefore, almost Yuletide reveals. I wanted to get a few recs in before those happen. Not as many this year, not so much because the fic has been bad -- the fic has been awesome -- more because I've been lazy lol.

The Borgias
Amicus Usque ad Aras (2941 words) by Anonymous
OHHHH THIS WAS MY GIFT! I've been dying for a Juan/Djem fic and this IS PERFECT. In character and so sweet and tragic and just <3
Petrarchan Sonnets from the Vatican Archive (3660 words) by Anonymous
Lucrezia Borgia/Giulia Farnese. This paring is REALLY growing on me and this story is beautifully in character. The concept of telling this story -- as historical documents and analysis of them, is intriguing and skillfully done!

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream (Anthropomorphic)
Wazaam! (With Some Wazoo For Good Measure) (1697 words) by Anonymous
Funny, very funny. The narrator voice is great and wow, ice cream personifications, come on guys!

Ballets Russes RPF
Fair Notions (1361 words) by Anonymous
Sexy, hot, sweet! Russian boys slash! Botch first-time breathplay. Mmm-hmmm. (Rated R/NC-17)

Aladdin (1995)
Passings (1922 words) by Anonymous
I like the Genei's POV and how some of the events in history are explained in this story. And there's this cool post-apocalypse theory too!

Newspaper Games (Anthropomorphic)
All squares filled, all letters in order (3489 words) by Anonymous
This one is spectacular! The personifications are wonderful, the worldbuilding great, the characters sympathetic, the romance sweet and there's plenty of humor too!

99 Red Balloons (song)
Auf ihrem Weg zum Horizont (On Their Way to the Horizon) (2017 words) by Anonymous
The worldbuilding in this piece is amazing. It's actually a pretty dark story but there's hope in there too. Beautifully written.

in this dust that was a city (3559 words) by Anonymous
Another one of those great worldbuilding fics. Also dark, but with some hope. And the characters are wonderful too!

16th and 17th c. RPF
Todos los bienes del mundo (1598) (1633 words) by Anonymous
Philip II of Spain/Elizabeth I of England. A tender, romantic story of something pretty hopeless but still beautiful.

14th c. RPF
At the spring (6405 words) by Anonymous
A beautiful story! The writing is gorgeous and OMG you guys! Lithuania history RPF <3 AND the last pagan empire. MHA! Featuring: Jogaila of Lithuania, Vytautas of Lithuania, Jadwiga of Poland

Dangerous Liaisons
Deuxième Appendice (6877 words) by Anonymous
Valmont/Danceny. Hee this paring! This is so in character and mimics the style of the canon source incredibly.