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Yuletide post-reveals post - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Yuletide post-reveals post [Jan. 2nd, 2012|05:50 am]
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Happy New Year!!!

Yuletide reveals are up and therefore, this be the, now, traditional post-reveals post.
I wrote 6 fics this year. One was a pinch hit, two were madness fics, and 2 were full-length treats. I wrote slash, femslash, het, polyamory (albeit more implied than anything) which was a first this year, and gen. Another first for me, aside for canon polyamory was writing for an African source. Despite my initial uncertainties, I had two fics that -- I'm pretty sure -- qualidied for the Misses Clause challenge.  They are thus tagged on AO3 and I'll have to transfer them into that collection soon too. Generaly, I'm very happy with the rather diverse spectrum of what I wrote, from paring type (slash, het, etc) to the type of fandom - song fandom, anthropomorfic, RPF (disguised as a painting fandom), "regular" fandom (movie, book etc). Ratings stayed in my general range of PG to PG-13 but it worked very well with these prompts. Overall, I would consider this a good end to the last year and a motivating start to the new one :)

Stuff I wrote:

Title: Life In Terms of Stories
Fandom: Academia (Anthropomorfic) 
Parings: English/Theater Studies (one-sided), (alluded to, one-sided) Theater Studies/Film Studies and Music/PE  
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1,225
Summary: In which English and Theater Studies have a late night heart-to-heart. Sort of.

Commentary: This was my main assignment and once I figured out what I wanted to write it was fu to write. Certainly the most popular fic I wrote this Yuletide. I didn’t get a comment from the recipient but I still hope she liked it. Other people certainly did :) I wrote for this fandom last year as my assignment as well, lol. So, it’s basically a “sequel” to THIS FIC but stands just fine alone off course. I think this fandom is starting to grow quite a bit on me. I’m really getting into the characters that are slowly developing in my head :)

Title: Infanta Margarita
Fandom:  Las Meninas (painting) 
Parings: Margarita/Augustina, Margarita/Leopold
Rating: PG
Warnings: Character death
Word Count: 1,736
Summary: Snapshots from the uncertain relationship between Margarita and Augustina.

Commentary: The pinch hit. This was one of the very last few pinch hits that came out on the list. It was already late in the evening where I was when I got it so it made me completely freak out. But I really wanted to write some femslash lol. And psudo-historical RPF disguised as a painting fandom <3 Some research on wiki and here it is! The recipient enjoyed it so I’m glad :)

Title:  Making Good News
Fandom:  You I Love
Parings: Vera/Timofei/Uloomji, (implied) Diana/Vera  
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: implied eating disorder, implied polyamory, possible mature themes
Word Count: 1,148
Summary: Vera is stressing out -- over her family life, over her job, over no being able to stop eating. All news seems to be bad news, until she decides to make some good ones for herself.

Commentary:  Ohhh this fandom! I wish I’d written something more impresses for it. I might even write other fics for it in the future. Maybe. Ahem anyways. Lol. I was sent the movie by the recipient and I just fell in love with it. Vera is one of the very few female characters I really, really like. And Timofei is such an adorable dork and he and Uloomji are such a beautiful paring but Timofei/Vera are hot! And um, so I’m not a big fan of Polyamory but this is canon-tight in that respect. Diana was a shameless inclusion because she’s really cool too :)

Title:  This House
Fandom:  House (Patrick Wolf song)
Parings: Narrator/His Wife
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1,043
Summary: A young man thinks on what the new house he bought with his wife means to him.

Commentary:  I guess I was in a sappy het mood? Lol. I did enjoy writing this one a lot and I have to say I had a very fun time creating these characters ad their relationship.

Title:  Farewell
Fandom: Things Fall Apart
Parings: Nwoye/Ikemefuna
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: non-graphic sex
Word Count: 810
Summary: Nwoye cried the night they came for Ikemefuna.

Commentary: So, I saw that this was nominated/requested in one of those threads on the Yuletide comm. where we were all checking in with our noms and/or requests. I remembered reading this book back in High School and that I had found at least a good part of it fascinating. So, um, I basically went back and started re-reading it. I admit to not finishing it before writing the fic but I’d read most of it so the important information was there in my head lol. I am so proud of myself, honestly, for writing for this fandom, in large part because it is a non-European source. I always find characters from other cultures hard to write for because I’m so scared to just complete screw everything up but yea. I’m actually very happy with how this fic turned out.

Title: Sebastian, I Swear
Fandom: Gay Pirates (song)
Parings:  Narrator/Sebastian
Rating: PG
Warnings: (mentions of) violence
Word Count: 334
Summary: A night In port

Commentary: I could not resist this song and writing for it. I admit that whenever I hear “Sebastian” I automatically think of Sebastian Flyte. I’m not sure if that shows here at all but yea lol. It’s just a short drabble-like ficlet written in the last hours of Madness. But, yea, I couldn’t help it. This fandom is really deserving of a full-sized fic lol.

Thank you to all of the wonderful people who participated in Yuletide and made it happen. You guys are awesome!