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Random musings after midnight - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Random musings after midnight [Feb. 7th, 2012|01:27 am]

I saw a sign up for a fest today. I know this person relatively well and I'm fairly aware of their likes and dislikes as concerning fic, etc. But it made me think that it's interesting how people can sometimes very strongly agree on some things and then, with the same vehemence, disagree on others. This isn't a value judgement or anything, it's just an interesting situation. In fandom and on the internet, this can be settled fairly easily by just ignoring and not disturbing the areas that are disagreed upon, but in RL, I feel like this is harder. I mean, the closer you get to someone the more you're going to talk about all sorts of things and perhaps the more your lives with intertwine. It makes me think of a couple who live across from us - she's a Democrat and her husband is a Republican. Now, maybe they're both super moderates and it's not a big deal, but I know what it's like to live with two moderate Democrats one of whom just might actually be a moderate Republican and doesn't know it. These two people are my parents and man...sometimes we just collide on stuff. Especially with my dad, who I think is a little too conservative to be a Democrat. I'm not sure how our neighbors do it, but I'd find it hard to live with a Republican. Of course, I'm not saying this wouldn't work for other people or w/e but I feel like if one person is firmly in the blue camp and the other is firmly in the red camp there is something more or less fundamentally different about their world views. Again, not a value judgement on who's world view is better, it's just that they're different. Maybe to some people that doesn't matter or something, but if I can't agree on someone on certain basic issues and ideals then it's probably going to be a failed relationship in the end. I've certainly found myself drifting away from the religious Republican friends I made at one point, and not just because we don't see so much of each toher anymore.

This has spiraled very off topic. Gah.

PS: I just feel the need to say right now, that I love my family and I hope to have a similar, happy one some day.