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Meme [Feb. 18th, 2012|12:00 am]
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Tell me you want to play and I'll pick up to three of your fandoms. Then update your journal and answer the following questions:

1. What got you into this fandom in the first place?
2. Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
3. Favorite episodes/books/movies, etc?
4. Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
5. Do you think more people should get into this fandom?

War and Peace
I was given the new 2007 miniseries as a New Years present some…four, I think, years ago. I’d always heard of War and Peace as this big deal and I wanted to read it before I watched the movie – which I find is generally a good rule – and so I kinda put my life on hold for January of that year to read the book.
Whenever I’m super into a fandom, I kinda feel like its forever. I’ve been proven wrong before as I’m no longer (actively) in either the Lizzie McGuire fandom or the Star Wars fandom. However, I don’t see foresee this happening anytime soon.
3. I love the scene with Dolokhov’s rum bet and the scene where he’s trying to get Anatole to give up the idea of running away with Natasha. I sorta love the entire Anatole/Natasha fling – it’s the one time in the entire book that I actually sympathize with her.
4. Yup. It’s a tiny, almost non-existent fandom, I must say. But I still write fanfic, make icons and vids whenever the muse strikes.

Harry Potter
I didn’t get into the fandom for a long-long time after starting to read the books. I read them over a span of several years. Actually, I went on hiatus right after starting HBP and didn’t pick it up again for quite a while. I had one small Ron/Draco fic up but that was about it. I wasn’t feeling the fandom, basically. Then, accidently, I came across the fics of an amazing-amazing fanfic author. After THAT I devoured both HBP and DH, I saw the entire thing in a completely new light and hence started what is now me in HP fandom. He is also responsible for my DE love lol.
2. For now, I think I’m good. I may have burned out a tiny bit because I’m writing all the time and I have so much of my headcanon worked out – which is usually the most fun part in a new fandom like this – but I think there are still things for me here so I’m staying put for the foreseeable future.
3. My fave book is probably HBP or DH. Basically the more “mature,” darker ones. As for the movies, I love both the DH. HBP got way too…not enough focus on the war and too much focus on the sap. Lets just put it that way :p
4. Haha. Lots and lots of fic. Two fanvids. Dabbles in fanart which is all pretty bad. Interestingly enough this is the one fandom I don’t make graphics/icons for much.
5. New people are always good because they generate (or can potentially generate) new ideas. But it’s not like HP NEEDS more people in it. I’m kinda baffled by the fact that it’s so huge to begin with.

Game of Thrones

1. I kept seeing the fandom mentioned around and icons for it and stuff. Finally decided to see what the hype was about and watched the first season of the show.
2. Well, I’m just getting into it and there are certainly more seasons to go and I could always pick up the books – I probably will, starting from the 3rd one – so I’m definitely in for a while. The more likely question is, how active will I be in it?
3. Anything with Jaime Lannister. Lol, but seriously, um, I’m not sure. But really, scenes with Jaime being all badboy warrior and/or smug twat win my heart!
4. I’ve joined a land com. Not really active as of yet, but looking around a bit. I think I’m a little intimidated by the fact that it’s kinda nested within the ASoIaF because they are BASICALLY the same fandom…so there are people who have a much fuller and more “accurate” knowledge of “canon” than I do.
5. Sure! It’s not Yuletide eligible – at least ASoIaF isn’t, the tv show was this year – but really, it’s nothing compared to something like HP, SW, LOTR Twilight or even POTC.


From: reg_flint
2012-02-18 09:16 am (UTC)
Re HP: I’m kinda baffled by the fact that it’s so huge to begin with.
Me too. And scary how many Severus fans there are when in RL he'd be a pariah.
Thanks for responding to your fandoms.
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[User Picture]From: alley_skywalker
2012-02-18 10:07 am (UTC)
I often find that the sort of (especially male) characters that I'm super attracted to in lit/movies are not at all the sort of men I could deal with in RL. Like...I admire them so f-ing much, and I probably would in RL too, but in RL I'm also totally intimidated by them and find connecting with them nearly impossible. I think there may be a difference between what people like in theory, from the side, sort of, and what they can deal with in real personal experience.
Also, with a character - a developed one anyways - we know a whole ton about them. Things we wouldn't know about someone in RL. Often the gaps in knowledge that don't allow us to see the whole picture lead us to misjudge someone and what they do and make them into someone we despise rather than someone we admire.

Edited at 2012-02-18 10:10 am (UTC)
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From: reg_flint
2012-02-18 10:11 am (UTC)
I would like nothing better than the company, snide sarcastic and sneering as I, of Severus and Regulus and also I think I could have a decent conversation with Draco even though he's a prat. He has some good qualities. A lot of people fancy what they don't suit, but if I could avoid a nervous breakdown after more than a week of Severus' presence, I'd nab him and Reg for life-friends.
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[User Picture]From: alley_skywalker
2012-02-18 11:13 am (UTC)
I think out of the boys my!Evan is the one person I'd be able to really get along with well in RL. He's also the sunniest, most easy going of the group, though, so...
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