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Stufff (RL and otherwise) - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Stufff (RL and otherwise) [Mar. 12th, 2012|06:42 pm]
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So. It’s been hard to do productive things. I mean, not like…school, I always procrastinate on school so that doesn’t scare me. Even oncoming finals don’t really scare me to much and I’ve been more or less good about going to class.

It’s more things like…making a doctors appointment. Or e-mailing my case carrier at the rehab dept. No. Not that sort of rehab. The disability sort. They give me financial aid for books and pay a portion of my school fees. Also, now I need to see if they will pay for a the low vision re-evaluation I need to get done to get a certain new “visual aid” as it were. I hate making appointments and sending those sort of e-mails. IDK why. It’s not even hard or anything but it just really annoys me <_< Also, I just spent waaaay too much money on a Kaplan LSAT prep coarse. More than I thought I would have to. It’s pretty distressing at this point.

I need a job. Yea, I’m not gonna go there. Kind of a touchy subject lately.

On a happier, more care-free fandom-ish note. I just finished Stephen King’s IT. Pretty entertaining book. I’m going to read his The Shining next. As for IT, I ship Bill/Eddie pretty hard. I’ve actually read an Eddie/Richie fic, which…I can see where they got that from. But I prefer Bill/Eddie. And Ben/Beverly is nice. Bill/Beverly don’t annoy me but it’s just too cliché – the popular guy and the popular girl – and I kinda hate that Bill cheated on his wife with her. Really. Not ok. I don’t hate Beverly, I just sort of hate how some/sometimes writers feel, for some reason, that that one girl in the story has to be desired by ALL THE MEN (*cough*NatashaRostov*cough*). It’s really annoying.</p>

Also, things to look forward to in April: Season II of The Borgias and Season II of Game of Thrones :D


From: reg_flint
2012-03-13 03:15 am (UTC)
Hope you get time to watch and read what you want. And good luck with your rehab. I always call mine "physio" for the dunderheads who can't distinguish names.
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