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Positive April 10 (5-9 skip) - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Positive April 10 (5-9 skip) [Apr. 11th, 2012|12:09 am]
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I’ve been bad at keeping up with my Positive April posts. I will have to remedy that.

April 5-9: There was good stuff, I just forgot to post about it.

April 10:

1. Work is still going good. They had me write an article for the school newspaper which was kind of an interesting experience. It was a little…scary, I guess. But it did make time go by faster.

2. First Cotillion meeting this term. Actually, they met last week but I couldn’t go. Too much crap was going on. Anyways, I danced. It was fun. Michael (the non-douche one) is a really cool guy to dance with.

3. I biked home in the rain. This would usually be an awful thing, but I biked with my umbrella which was kind of a cool, surreal experience in itself. It also saved me from getting drenched. AND my shoes didn’t get soaked which they always do when it rains. The only thing that really suffered were my jeans, but those offer suffer to some extent anyways.

4, My artist is done with the cover art for my history_bigbang fic. Which I WILL have done and posted by the end of tomorrow.

5. Instant macaroni means yummy in my tummy faster and, what is more important, LESS DISHES.